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SOMA Messenger is a FREE messaging app made for global communications between friends, family and colleagues. Send instant messages, fun stickers, and share all the highlighted moments of your life on SOMA. Talk with your friends face-to-face anywhere, securely, directly from your phone. No fees, ever.

Doodle Cam: Capture the best moments of your day and bring them to life with filters, text and other creative tools. Share the GIF to your friends on SOMA, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media.

FREE CALLS: SOMA uses Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 4G/3G) to make video & voice calls to your family and friends even when they are thousands miles away. Forever free with no international charges.

SECURE: Security is our top priority. No one has access to your conversation but you and the people you’re talking to. End-to-end encryption.

PRIVATE: All messages are permanently deleted immediately after delivery. Undelivered messages expire and are permanently deleted after 7 days. We never store messages on our servers or in any cloud after they are deleted.

GROUP CHAT: Create a group chat of up to 500 friends, family or coworkers.

SPEAK EASY MODE: Use SOMA as a Walkie Talkie. Just hold the button and talk instantly.

STICKER & GIF: Send all kinds of beautiful & fun stickers and vast vivid GIFs to express yourself.

MAGICAL EFFECT: Type certain words (such as love you, miss you or good morning) in your chat and wait for the magical moment.

SOMA WEB: Quickly send and receive messages on your computer browser. Bring you great convenience at work.

GAME CENTER: Play all kinds of fun H5 games online. No need to download anything!

You could also follow us on Facebook (@SOMAMessenger) and Twitter (@SOMAMessenger) .

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Eduard Espiritu review Eduard Espiritu
Ads battery draining Voice Calls Video calls And Online seen
I didnt got any confirmation code it's automatic log in on my soma. Ads is so annoying Please Please remove it. MAKE THE video calls HD also the voice is very not clear signal problem and the last seen is showing wrong. It's Eating alot of Data u gonna make me poor. Is Soma a Secure Apps ???? Please reply me Fixs this problems
jaseem mohammed review jaseem mohammed
Love soma
Love this app video quality awesome .helpful thank you soma
disturbing a must notifications
every time I notice a notification on the app I open thinking it is coming from one of my contacts but it turns to be the stupid idea of forcing a notification about add and it can not be changed in setting . I am thinking seriously to move to another app.
ahmed belal review ahmed belal
Need very good Internet connection to work otherwise. Will hang and close any call
Fareed Sajjad review Fareed Sajjad
awesome app it,s easy to use i suggest it to everyone.
Mar Madhu review Mar Madhu
No have call settings. Phone silent soma incoming call automatic ringtone open and vice massage sent have a vibration. It's no good system
Faraz Khalid review Faraz Khalid
An excellent app with all txt, audio, video calling features. video quality is best. Some problems are like multiselection of chat msgs, in video calling u can not chat while calling and when u open other apps while calling, the video call is minimized.
Afshin Paveh review Afshin Paveh
Not too bad
It needs a bit time to say ok or not to this app, totally not too bad ☺
Neil Baker review Neil Baker
Needs refinement
Connects well but for calls audio should be the baseline... then the user should be able to add or remove video to the audio during the call, just like adding or removing someone from group call. *** Can you loose the 'invites' in the contacts column please. Just have 2 columns, 1 for 'favourites / frequent' and 1 for 'all contacts'. We should be able to manually star a favourite contact. *** Can it be made to work on tablets too, maybe link an email address to the user account for ease.
Arlizle Asanion review Arlizle Asanion
great chat experience. i hope its simplicity will last forever too. don't care about games or differnt emoticons or changing colors. its simplicity attracts more people, together w/its free video/voice call forever, no privacy issues forever, HD calls forever. very accommodating admins., etc. STAY SIMPLE PLEASE. thank you so much for creating this app. and P.S you have a very simple and useful faqs, very straight forward, easy to undrstand, CLEAN and CLEAR. Jah bless everyone. kudos!
Fatima Abu Nuh review Fatima Abu Nuh
Great application
It is really great and fast in sending msgs + its camera is so clear and beautiful ...its great thank u!
Anis Al-Kathiri review Anis Al-Kathiri
My favorite
Comparing to many other programs for video calls. Soma is the best for me. I realy like it
Yassin Melehi review Yassin Melehi
Great application with very interesting features and very very good call/video call quality. I really appreciate it.
khawar ali review khawar ali
Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good

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