Squirrel – Group chat. Organized. APK

Squirrel – Group chat. Organized.
Squirrel – Group chat. Organized. APK
Organize groups and chats the way you want, so you can keep up without getting lost in the noise. Squirrel is invite only for now. Ask a friend with the app to invite you to a group! Rooms: Create separate rooms for specific people or topics. Chat in the main room for group-wide announcements and banter. Mute: Turn off notifications in rooms that are a snore. Secret rooms: Use secret rooms for private chats with those in the know. Reactions: Make inside jokes official. Create your own one-tap reactions for the group. Blasts: Make sure everyone in your group sees important messages. Attachments: Share photos, documents, or links. Find them later easily all in one place. Activity view: Never miss an important message. Know when you are mentioned, all in one view.

Squirrel – Group chat. Organized. APK reviews

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Scott Dunsmuir review Scott Dunsmuir
Very scammy which is what Yahoo should change their name to. Ask for personal info then after says oh by the way this is invite only, ask for a code from someone who has one. Know anyone with a code? I sure don't, but guess what. Yahoo has personal details now. There is an option to delete but that doesn't give me warm fuzzies knowing Yahoo's past. Reporting for scam
Tom Raines review Tom Raines
Again, would be nice to be told it's "Invite Only" before signing up/into a Yahoo account. Whatever, I'm just proud to be the first 2 star review. I'll update when I've actually used the app. Oh, and Android Police sent me ?
Derin Zerr review Derin Zerr
So, you want my phone number before telling me I can't use it? Yahoo bait and switch. How typical.
Sasan Hejrani review Sasan Hejrani
Where can I get invitation after all my info was sent to yahoo servers?! 4 stars, because im the first person to put 4 stars.
Mehdi FeizBakhsh review Mehdi FeizBakhsh
How could I find invitation code?!
A Google user review A Google user
Invite only? El oh El no thanks
Steven Hurt review Steven Hurt
Invite only and no way to get one
berad stefan review berad stefan
What the hell
Meyysam Top review Meyysam Top
invite only! ?
Spines Brine review Spines Brine
Invite only? Great way to kill an app from the start. Bye.
Hassan Shahin review Hassan Shahin
عاااالیه واقعا