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Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world

Stack APK reviews

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gerald nganga review gerald nganga
Yur game is bad it wont let me play on my screen it just goes different color so angry?????fix it?fix it o my god fix it???????fix it now why is yur game on the store if u cant even play so angry right now fix the dam thing like what is up with it i downloaded and deleted twice and nothing changed so pissed off
love Vocaloid review love Vocaloid
How do I unlock stuff tho.... I have 200 of the things
Ferk Berk review Ferk Berk
Very addictive game, love it
Kayden Wirachowsky review Kayden Wirachowsky
This game rocks
Joe Alessio review Joe Alessio
Best game ever
Ballistic BearXx review Ballistic BearXx
Annoying But Addictive
Get it for an epic fun time
Julianna Slagle review Julianna Slagle
This game has driven me to a form of insanity that I haven't experienced since flappybird
LeMron James review LeMron James
Yet addictive
Brandon Sanchez review Brandon Sanchez
Too simple
Good game. Addictive
Kev Louie review Kev Louie
Art design and colors are similar to a lot of recent popular games. Simple concept and fun if you like this sort of game.
It's not my tour of game but I it's well done. See above.
Dominic Tang review Dominic Tang
Cant play it
When i open the game it is just a multicolored static screen! I can here sound effects when i tap but it just stays on the statuc screen with colored lines all over please fix it
Peter Ramshaw review Peter Ramshaw
Simple, effective, and pretty
This is kind of like a reversed jenga that is annoyingly addictive...yes it looks a lot like monument valley and im sure "borrowed" its sound mixed and colours on purpose but bravo team...bra vo
caleb b. review caleb b.
Highly addictive are the best words actually. Before you know it you will be grunting to yourself that you could not last a moment longer on the frames you play. If you have or slightly live with O.C.D., for sure consider get this game. You may appreciate the therapeutic value with it. Before I realised it, I had played 50 perfection is how you thrive in this game. Cheers and happy playing!
justine brownlow review justine brownlow
Great simple game with AMAZING colours❤
I love this...dead simple and fun. It took me ages to work out how to unlock the new on the banner that has the amount of diamonds you've collected and what looks like 3 sheets on top of one another (it comes up before you press the start key...)
Jay Kimsey review Jay Kimsey
A Great Game For When You're Dumpin'.
I decided to install it because I ran out of YouTube videos while droppin' a duce. I really enjoy and will be using it the next time I'm in here as well. The ads are there, but they aren't too bad and there is an option to remove them for a small fee as well (which I plan to do.) My time in the bathroom has flew by because of the game and I'm happy to say that. I don't like to stay too long. Great game!