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Stacker Mahjong 3D APK reviews

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V. Quesada review V. Quesada
I think many times the program prolongs the game by not acknowledging a match meeting guidelines. Perhaps the principal company comes out on top financially if the player stays connected. Uninstalled as the answer is not forthcoming.
Denise Clendenin review Denise Clendenin
I like the way you have make several plays ahead along with rotation and tilting to match tiles. Definitely a brain trainer.
Linda Chacewater review Linda Chacewater
Awesome game... Can't get enough of it. One of the very best versions available anywhere. Love it!
Mkl L. review Mkl L.
One of the best Mahjong apps
Thanks a lot for a great app - I'm just digging my way through all levels and it's interesting, challenging and fun! Love it!
Awesome game. Keeps my mind working all the time. Very addictive
K Alderete review K Alderete
Game would get 5 stars but currently a battery drain. Fix it and you'll get your five stars
K York review K York
I have been looking forever for one like this that is untimed! Thanks!
Nicholle Wilson review Nicholle Wilson
Really enjoyed this it's just a shame it's short not many too play. They need to add way more levels.
Chandra Burns review Chandra Burns
Add some music, please, and some color.
Willem Mous review Willem Mous
Great game, great idea. Cannot exit without resetting the phone.
Sally Wright review Sally Wright
Love the game!
Joy Gallien Barlow review Joy Gallien Barlow
,mahgong stacker 3D
Norma Murray review Norma Murray
Love it
Thelma Massey review Thelma Massey
Very good I have just started & think it is great
Toni Knight review Toni Knight
It sucks.