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The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax.
Play with your friends over the network or online with thousands of players from all over the world!

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Mc Sanjev review Mc Sanjev
Counter-Strike in mobile version...i love it..good graphics..but pls try to stop people who are hack the games and using cheats...
Fakhri MF review Fakhri MF
Great but BUGS
Falling from floor bug is the most annoying bug, aiming lags, and empty room.
dino eddy review dino eddy
fix it
after update lag everytme i fix it asap
rap haha review rap haha
great but
very addictive, cool and its great but i dont like the idea on areas where to respawn on map arabic dust 2 can you get it back on normal? like we were respawn on our base.. I'm raphaha00(Philippines) hi to all players. . worldwide
Tim Reaper review Tim Reaper
Not bad but..
Needs more maps, and modes. Interface with the aiming is hard. Also I don't understand the guns unlock system. I get crates, win a gun, but can't equip that gun until I've reached the level required to unlock that gun in the first place. So I guess those crates only supply you with camouflage for your guns that you've already unlocked? Seems kinda stupid if you ask me. Would be cool if you could get attachments. Decent graphics, no lag.
Update it
It should have more maps and kill streaks custom guns it can be way cool I like it tho it's cool just please add more too it,bigger maps and more players vs players!!!??
Super fun
Im addicted to this game. Its amazing graphics and cool features have taken me slave. BUT one suggestion I have is that it be made more complex with advanced missions and gamemodes. With more of everything and a more intuitive GUI. In other words, it's just way too simple and plain.
Saransh Sharma review Saransh Sharma
Awesome Game
Its a aws game but you need to update this as it has lots of bugs in it. And the multiplayer experience its excellent with my friends but while we play with other player its become too tough, you need to set h difficulty bar. Anyway very good nd addictive game
Shawn Lasee review Shawn Lasee
The best CSGO Rip off for mobile and SHOTGUNS PLEASE!!!!!!!!
This game is so awsome because it is not a shity little clash of clans rip off like half of the games on the app store. Plus all the good graphics and gameplay. But please could you make some shotguns more guns and grenades and health and ammo pick ups for the game that would be great and i would rate the game 5*****. Good job being original guys! TF2 FOREVER
Ezgi Karakas review Ezgi Karakas
i dont know if it's because of me or not but the game gives error even when im not playing. it's not playing background. but when i get a call, charge my phone, turn of wi-fi, i get a notification that says "Standoff doesn't respond, report or okay". can you fix this or tell me the problem. but the game is so cool, I dont have any problems with the game
JJandmiah Jones review JJandmiah Jones
Stand-off online multiplayer
Brandon Sizemore review Brandon Sizemore
I don't know how to rate if I can't play!
I couldn't play this game. It looks really cool but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Even time I try to play I will load then before I see the Main Menu it says it has stopped (Unfortunately, Standoff Multiplayer has stopped). Please fix it. I just uninstalled this game. Due to not fixing the start up.
Roman review Roman
Script kiddies.
Get rid of the aimbotters, health and defence glitches please the cheat system is too easy to easy to go through... Oh can you fix the maps cause i fell through it once and hope you can the middle part where counter terrorist spawns at least I can use my awp there. Thanks if you reply.
brandon panrucker review brandon panrucker
doesn't matter what internet connection you have, it still lags constant freezing when enemy player is close. i have the lowest ping and i still lag badly. save your time and ignore is game.
Kenny Nguyen review Kenny Nguyen
Pls change
Every time I get on start a snipers duel I join a server that is half way done some people already have awm so the game finish in seconds after that game I waited for the next map to load, after it loaded I join a completely different server that almost finished and I couldn't do anything. I keep joining matches that are almost finished and I only have seconds to play till the game ended. Pls change its realy annoying