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It’s YOUR time to shine like a star! Live a whole new life filled with beauty, fashion, and glamour!

Delve into a world of countless fashion options with hundreds of cute & sexy dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, bags, accessories, and MORE!

Visit stores stocked with the hottest new outfits! Everything was made for YOU, so shop to your heart’s content!

Work hard to play hard! Earn money by advancing your career in various fields! The harder you work, the more clothes you can buy!

Meet your dream guy! A Star Girl deserves only the BEST. Bring out the romantic in you in this paradise of absolute hotties!

Star Girls from around the world compete for top prizes! Can you WOW the crowd? Show off your perfect look and become world-famous!

See your face on the covers of magazines, posters, billboards, and banners! Visit the most exclusive clubs and live a life of luxury in your fancy dream home!

Hang out with friends in the game! Take selfies with your avatars and post them on social media!

Aim for the stars and make your dreams come true! Dive into the Star Girl lifestyle! Are you the world’s next Star Girl?

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

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Star Girl APK reviews

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Alexis Schilling review Alexis Schilling
This game is great but.....
Great game but can their be an easier way to get diamonds say in special gifts in rare times they can give out 30 - 50 diamonds on flirting or voting so u can easily get wings and I wouldn't spend it on promotions and watching videos is getting pretty old do u think that's a good offer plz reply by the way I'm 10 years old thank you love this game!
Kenny Hin review Kenny Hin
The time didn't work well.. I was left the job 1 day.. and it's still haven't finished yet
Mir Javed Baloch review Mir Javed Baloch
I like this game but in the competition many people vote for me but l when the competition end I got only 13 votes fix it It doesn't give correct ranking
Sherrie Suber review Sherrie Suber
I loved this game at once...but know I'm going to stop playing it for a has cheated me out of diamonds...I emailed them about my problems...I have been stuck on level 200 for about two weeks now.. when u go and buy from the wow store u always get the same item...
Barbie Cutino review Barbie Cutino
Nice game
I like it a lot but since recently it's been giving prob so I'm forced to uninstall =( imma miss it
Wali Ahmad review Wali Ahmad
What a stupidity ?
Why do we need to buy Paris hilt en contents using real money...It's damad
Reenu Sharma review Reenu Sharma
Best game ever
I love it and love it and love it. It is amazingly amazing
keeli savage review keeli savage
Good game
I love this game but having issues. When I try doing the quests for star vogue they don't acknowledge that I have completed it. Plus I do alot of offers for diamonds but never receive them.
Ashfi Snigdha review Ashfi Snigdha
Need to improve
This game need more fashion. It need more boyfriends. Nd dresses cost much diamonds , so you should make resonable price .
Riris Aja review Riris Aja
Why nothing poster or banner we can tap??? Another star girl app have't, fix it, n i will give u 5 star
Aali harriot review Aali harriot
It great an all but the jobs need more money and lower the prices in diamonds and free clothes and stuff more diamonds less prices
Sandara park review Sandara park
It's Ok !
I'll Make it 5 Stars. If The Items is not that Expensive I mean Make it in Low Price.
Griselia Cruz review Griselia Cruz
took everything
once i pressed the load data button it took all of my dresses shoes assesories purses leggins. it took everything i want my stuff back. Give me my stuff back if you want 5 stars
Nariman Tabbara review Nariman Tabbara
Fix the problem please
I love this game very very very much but i hate that it take 200 mg from the storage ,please low it because my device is full and i think many other people may think it is right, so if possible please make it at new version orsomething, i also love the all clothes but i wish there was an bigger apurtinity to add friends in easy way like just click add friend ,hope u understand :)
A Google User review A Google User
Riddled with problems
Star wow is a bit of a rip off if you spend the 400 gems for the 40,000 in already have the item it's left up to chance whether or not you get a refund if you already have that item they should give you a full refund.