Star Trek Timelines APK reviews

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Jonathan Lofthouse review Jonathan Lofthouse
I was always a fan of the Star Trek card game back in the 90s, collected a lot of the cards and still have them today. Opening this Star Trek Timelines was like entering a digital, growing, and multiplayer version of that game. I also love that the storyline makes a believable and compelling reason to involve all the different aspects of the Star Trek universe including the different TV shows and movies. Definitely the number one game I play on my phone. Thanks for bringing such a vibrant world to life.
Madder Kayne review Madder Kayne
Its the best Star Trek game out there. That being said there aren't too many of them. The space battles are cool but the away team missions suck
David Cooper review David Cooper
It was better than average to up until the latest update. Then they decided to add non Trek-canon ships and characters (ie: Discovery, which outright destroys already existing canon). Which kinda destroys the purpose of playing a Star Trek game.
Latravis Condery review Latravis Condery
Love the graphics, and Gameplay!
Great game, easy to manage and play. Graphics are simular to the game cube which isn't bad for a moble. One of the best things you truly earn ur next ship.
Jim Strange review Jim Strange
Won't start, just hangs. Google Pixel with Oreo.
Robert White review Robert White
NOT a strategy game!
Very expensive to progress past Ep. 3. Use digital paper dolls to slowly whack-a-mole across various maps in order to collect more paper dolls. Hearthstone is to paper card games what Timelines is to G.I. Joe playsets. There is no actual game, just set pieces. Two stars for the graphics, which are great.
Remi van Dongen review Remi van Dongen
Mostly about buying virtual stuff from the store, with real money, boring as hell.
Larry Nichols review Larry Nichols
Star Trek Timeline
I love the graphics, and the fact that it's a Star Trek game, but should go into the rule more clearly.
Rando Koks review Rando Koks
For me support worked well.
Tom Tsang review Tom Tsang
Long loading time
Great graphics and good gameplay, but the game's such a memory hog that it takes my Galaxy Tab 4 which has only 1.5gb of ram several long minutes to load. There should be more optimization or a least a minimum spec requirement warning, but otherwise a good game.
David Chaloupka review David Chaloupka
Great game. On top of that, the project management is making some really good choices and listens to the player community.
Ian Mabry review Ian Mabry
Great "Star Trek" feel.
Walter Yaeger review Walter Yaeger
Love it
Tabitha Bly review Tabitha Bly
Brad McQuade review Brad McQuade
Broken on Android 8.1. Will not even load. Can't get a hold of development team so this is the best I can do. Hope they read UPDATE: issue fixed with new update. Did take forever to load longer than 5min. More like 10.