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Stawika (Beta)
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Get Stawika mobile app and get instant loan to your phone via M-Pesa.

Stawika (Beta) APK reviews

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MC Sharon review MC Sharon
Your systems are terrible. Tried to pay on the 26th and my money was reversed. Then I gave paid today in full and your app still says that I owe you money. When you are called or texted you don't care to respond. Please reflect my payment and let's simply part ways. We can't be doing this all the time.
Mohammed Ali Aboo review Mohammed Ali Aboo
I have paid my loan, I requested for another loan but haven't received it yet, how come the app has started asking me when my next payment is? Kindly check on your systems as i can't pay for something I haven't received
Joy Murage review Joy Murage
How long does it take for a loan to be disbursed from time loan was approved? It has been nearly two days, the loan has not been sent but it is reflected in the app that it has been sent.
Khalid Abdirizak review Khalid Abdirizak
i hate this app.its fake and disgusting maybe they don't have to provide aloan.
Brian Omondi review Brian Omondi
Applied loan and your app is already reflecting that I owe you money and yet I have not received the cash.You people can't be trusted at all changed my mind I don't want your cash.
Wat is happening its failing tlo regester... kaa regestering ni nguri wat about quapply...