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Your ticket to the bright lights of Premier League superstardom is here!

From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world, Stick Cricket Premier League offers you the chance to:

Create and customise your player, before taking guard against the world’s best bowlers.

From Mumbai to Melbourne, your skills are in demand! Team owners in India and Australia are battling it out to secure your signature.

Your owner will bankroll the recruitment of Star Players from around the world, boosting your chances of winning the League.

Choose from more than 50 Star Players to bolster your squad. Star Batsmen are more likely to clear the rope, while a signing a miserly Star Bowler will ensure the targets you chase aren’t as demanding.

If your squad is in need of some experience, you can coax an ex-player out of retirement on a short-term deal.

Alternatively, try to confound the pundits by winning the League with a team of rookies. The choice is up to you.

You’ve got five seasons to establish your team as a force in the Premier League. Your success-hungry owner will want five trophies... just don't end up with the dreaded wooden spoon instead.

Hiring a batting coach will soon have your created captain slogging it like a Star, or reduce the runs your team concedes with the expert guidance of a bowling coach.

The crowd wants maximums! Each League provides cash bonuses for every six you smash, as well as stumping up an appearance fee. You read that correctly: cold hard cash, just for showing up!


Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket Premier League - optimised for tablets - boasts two leagues, 16 teams, two stadiums and the same “hellishly addictive” (Gizmodo) gameplay that helped Stick Cricket to become a productivity-destroying phenomenon worldwide.

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Important message: This game includes in-app purchases.

Stick Cricket Premier League APK reviews

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_humble.s1_ BLV review _humble.s1_ BLV
But it needs improvements such as a bigger amount of money given to transfers. Also, the players that where purchased between the first to last season( 5th season) should still be there when you start again. The amount of seasons should increase. You should be able to get run out and must get the chance to bowl.
Amit Joseph review Amit Joseph
Very addictive time pass game. Love the sound the bat makes every time a six or four is struck. They should add more stats to the game. Like runs accumulated by a player through out the season. Boundaries hit by a player etc. And one should also earn cash for boundaries struck and not only Sixes.
TayTronix 0709 review TayTronix 0709
The game is ridiculous they expect you to make like 260 from 10 overs and when I try to make the score it freezes for the first over because it knows I will win the final so it cheats please fix I used to brag to my friends about this game but now I regret that doing so. Please fix please
Cherry 's review Cherry 's
This game is a cheating.. this will not let you win the league.. after predefined no. of matches, if u win the final match, the league will not end u as winner.. it will make you play the matches until u loose one.. soon you loose one, league will end suddenly showing you at second place.. Team score card will show 7 matches and its points, bt i played 12 matches today until i lost one.. finally when i lost the match, i was second.. hate this.. uninstalling..
Adam Fearon review Adam Fearon
Tbh,frustrating. I can almost get to the final at will but the opposition always rack up a minimum of 245 runs. To make this nice simple yet addictive game more appealing the chance to win occasionally wouldn't go amiss. Does anyone else get this.
shizuma100 review shizuma100
Not enough money given to buy players in auction. Also I have an issue with the final and having to chase 250+ in 10 overs it is impossible and i'm not paying extra on this game to reduce the total by paying the agent. I do find it addictive and like how you can get $50 watching videos. Also it can get repetitive playing the same teams be so I don't think I will be playing this much as it hasn't been improved since I played this a year ago.
Aslam Yousaf review Aslam Yousaf
I love this game. It is amazing. 4 stars because it is having only 2 leagues. Please increase more leagues like psl, cpl, bpl to make it intersting. It is very boring to play the 2 leagues again and again! Please add bowling in it. Please add reward of stick dollars at the end of the league and fix the wide ball! Please!
Usama Hafeez review Usama Hafeez
I am giving you 3 stars because most of the time you gave us Unreachable Score , and the Run rate becom 36+ in 3rd over , and also bad thing is if you want to win the game you have to fix the match first that is annoying ?
vineeth eranna review vineeth eranna
This game is one of the best time pass games! But the main problem is I've to buy everything to even achieve first place in SPL and previous version too. I understand you've to make money. But we need more of free purchases
Chirag Shah review Chirag Shah
Been a while since the squads and teams for the premier league aren't updated. Also you should add a feature where you can see how much each player has scored, like a top ten batsmen and bowlers of the season and give man of match and man of series awards.. this updation and addition would make it more interesting.
Rudra Goyal review Rudra Goyal
Plz add option for own team: name Jersey and players. Also remove bookie its hurting the game. And give sign up bonus some cash plz plz plz _/\_ then there will be no match of your game.
Siddharth satya surya review Siddharth satya surya
Gives humongous targets after few matches which is impossible to clear. Seriously? 250 in 10 overs? Have anyone achieved this atleast while beta test of this game? Apart from that not many features are free, even for the access of some decent features you should buy them. Too commercial.
Vikram singh review Vikram singh
In some matches it wont let you win no matter how strong batting lineup youve got. The ball just doesnt come on the bat no matter how perfect your timing is. I tried restarting the same match five times and the same thing i wasnt able to score 180 whereas i normally score 200+.
Muhammed Tahir review Muhammed Tahir
a good cricket game for mobile without much fuss with the season progresses and we get to semi final or final or even in normal league matches the opponent score is literally too much to chase even if we hit a lot of fours and sixes.. it's too frustrating... i had once a target of 277 in final, developers pls balance the algorithm according to which opponent scores are decided
Ashwin Reddy review Ashwin Reddy
Love the format. If any, additions need to be made, it would be nice if 15 and 20 over formats can be added. Also, it would be nice to see stats. But again, I am nit picking. It is a fully awesome game! Best of all the stick games.