Stickman Dismounting APK

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Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and have the fun!

- unique active ragdoll physics system
- crunchy sound effects
- multiple levels
- multiple vehicles
- multiple props for level customization
- replay system with saving and sharing abilities

Do not attempt game actions in real life.

Stickman Dismounting APK reviews

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Deon Van Der Merwe review Deon Van Der Merwe
Lots of fun! Before the newest update there was a hilarious glitch/exploit where if you go on a flat map, use the skateboard and place a steam prop on the ground, you just have to wait until your character is just over the steam. Then you pause the game and wait 5-10 seconds. Unpause the game and you would get slingshotted into the air and the camera would zoom out till your character would be just a line in the air. And while you were in the air, your score would skyrocket and go way past a 6 digit number. It doesnt work anymore though...
shad0wb0xer 73 review shad0wb0xer 73
Love the game. Keep those updates coming. Please add more vehicles like, an ambulance or a Ute or a jetpack or a rocket powered car. And more levels. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for new levels but try more that have auto props like the level 'Saws'. finally, more props please. Like a minigun and flamethrower. Ohhhh. 1 more thing. Add an upgrade system so you can upgrade props to have more ammo or cars stronger or weaker or faster. Thank great game and this comment is a lot longer than I expected it to be. Sorry.XD. EVERYBODY, ITS A GREAT GAME. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE GAME YET, GET IT NOW AND R8 5 STARS
JamJam 731 review JamJam 731
Great. Although I have but one humble suggestion; add either a visible distance counter or getting more coins for distance traveled. My high score is over 1 million because I got glitched inside of my vehicle yay lol
jack redwood review jack redwood
Game is great except for the 3 second mechanic. Increase the time before it starts the countdown. Theres been so many times where the countdown has ended and then all the crazy stuff happens which is a real shame because thats what the whole game is about.
Nikolai Calizar review Nikolai Calizar
It's a great game. Can you please add some more vehicles and more props that are more destructive to the vehicles and painful to the stickman? Thanks. By the way, can you please develop a game that is similar to mutilate a doll in Y-8? Anyway, it's a great game guys.
Geoffrey Orman review Geoffrey Orman
It took me a while to complete the game, like a year and a half, and this game in my opinion needs to be played with a friend by your side to take turns with. This game is like a lot of people say, time-consuming, addictive, and very fun. I love trying to escape the map, and I've done it with ALMOST every level!
Clayton Dunn review Clayton Dunn
Spent way too much time on this game but its so addictively fun! I actually did everything and bought everything to the point of needing to reinstall it so i could start over and play it again from scratch. I dont normally do this on any game.
DatRandomOne Gaming review DatRandomOne Gaming
When this game originally came out, I didn't think it was gonna go very far. It didn't have very many things and I thought it was a stupid concept. Now, it has so many features and I can never stop playing it! This game is awesome, keep up the amazing work!
squid man review squid man
i love the game and somerimes thiee is awesome glitches were you will get stuck in a wall and get like 100,000 points!! one thing though, if you play it ALOT it can get a little depressing. seeing a dude get hurt, knowing that in some dismounts he would instantantly die in real life. but cool! you guys should add like a bike to the game, like an actuall bicycle with a pedal button.
Alexander Grand review Alexander Grand
It is really fun to pass time. My only concern is, and I know this sounds petty but, the screams of pain sound like a child's, and is quite disturbing. If it could be changed that would be greatly appreciated. Seriously though it is a GREAT game.
TheRandomCam :D review TheRandomCam :D
I love this game so much that this is like my go to app but something that I thought would be added would be map creator so we can create our own maps and look at what other players have made. Another thing I'd like are online battles as in who can get the highest score and get coins by what place you get.
Tyler Sampson review Tyler Sampson
Fun game ruined by greedy full screen video ads. I would pay for ad-free version but dev has declined to offer a paid version so I'll have to pass on this game. Very unfortunate.
Microsoft WindowsXP review Microsoft WindowsXP
Thank you guys for this game and hopefully you can add some "Make Your Own Level" option!!!!!!! everyone will love it.........Oh and make the green bouncy thing more BOUNCIER!! and please add some cluster bomb whose little particles remains and can hit the STICK............and please add more vehicles..............oh please add the "STICK CUSTOMIZATION" in which enables the players to dress up their stick.......anyways its a great game,lots of potential.......Thank you so much ViperGames
Benoit Guerin review Benoit Guerin
Probably the best dismount game out there. No lag, no BS, straight fun. Non-optional ads are intrusive and annoying however. Would pay for a ad free experience, and I'd even keep playing the optional ads to support.
A Person review A Person
Theres a glitch where its stuck at loading, even when I close the tab, shut down the device and all that, it wont work. Great game tho