Stickman Soccer APK reviews

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simon timms review simon timms
Like it
Good game I'm rooted so no adverts for me?
Zyr Lawrence Almojuela review Zyr Lawrence Almojuela
Good but....
I'll give 5 stars but when I always playing the adds always popping up the whole screen plsss guys fix it
Cael Sabel review Cael Sabel
Great game but way to much ads just posted up during the
mark skehan review mark skehan
Fun game but team ratings are WAY TO OFF
What the heck! Why is Brazil one off the worst teams in the game! In real life Brazil is the best team in the world. STOP basing it off how much you like and actually base in real life. If that is updated then I will rate 5 stars. But for now, 2 stars.
Jordan Smith review Jordan Smith
Stickman Soccer
Absolutely Love This Game The Graphics, The Players Everything!?
Wendy Bene review Wendy Bene
Amazing game.
I will rate it 5 stars if you add a cross/lob pass button and a multiplayer function
demario sarden review demario sarden
Too Many Advertisements
To be honest I love the game but these ads could pop up every time so don't get too comfortable playing it.
Ke'Von Greene-Hubbard review Ke'Von Greene-Hubbard
Samuel Brown review Samuel Brown
Good, not great.
Passes are a bit too slow. Make passes faster. Ball moves like a four year old kicked it. Controls are TOO sensitive, very touchy, will end up shooting and passing a lot when you didn't mean too. Needs more modes, like a short season and/or playoffs. Game automatically switches control of player in the middle of the game without you telling it too, which gets confusing. Fix these issues for five stars.
Zachary Parker review Zachary Parker
Best soccer game I have ever played
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Bjorn Banini review Bjorn Banini
There should be replay when someone scores cause let's say you scored a awesome goal but you can't watch it that's bit of a pity for me. Also when you make the replay there should be a button to share it on Facebook or Google+. Can you make that please? Thank you. Greetings, A Stickman Soccer Fan.
Soomalee Moya review Soomalee Moya
Loved it
But all I want to know is: can you play multiplayer with your friends?
Nate Hayes review Nate Hayes
This is the worst he ever in history!!!!!!
First of all it slides by itself without me tapping the screen and second of all it passes or shoots the ball on its own and third of all everybody stands on the field wanting the ball while lookin' stupid and when I give it to them they just turn the ball over and can't do anything with it. So I really hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this game.
Kyle Houston review Kyle Houston
Sometimes when you try to slide someone it doesn't work
Jonathan Rouse review Jonathan Rouse
cool fifa
its.....its alright very easy dont matter wah lvl u put it on easy medium hard and u can unlock teams :-) :-) yippi