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Stone Grass: Mowing Simulator

1.42.1rc · Freeplay Inc

Get in your tractor to cut grass and become a farm tycoon in our lawn mower game

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Version 1.42.1rc
Developer Freeplay Inc
Category Games, Arcade
ID com.frph.stonegrass
Requirements 5.0

Stone Grass: Mowing Simulator 1.42.1rc APK description

Hop on your tractor and power up your grass-cutter to become the wealthiest farm tycoon in our lawn mower game! Put the pedal to the metal and turn blades of grass into piles of cash!

Try out this casual sim! Get in your tractor with a grass-cutter and start your journey now!

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Stone Grass: Mowing Simulator latest version

Stone Grass - Mowing simulator will make you feel as if you’re truly behind the wheel of your own tractor or the handle of a grass-cutter as you cut grass, thanks to its immersive simulation gameplay.

Here you work on planning to build your empire as a farm tycoon, unlike in other lawn mower games, where all you do is just mowing. Upgrade your tractor, explore new islands, cut grass for your animals, and harvest the resources!

With its colorful graphics, soothing gaming mechanics, and a ton of fields to explore, our lawn mower game Stone Grass is the perfect field mowing simulator to scratch that itch for a satisfying and stress-relieving gaming experience you couldn’t find in any other games!

Just mowing isn’t enough if you want to become the ultimate farm tycoon of our lawn mower simulator. By upgrading your truck to cut grass, you can earn more money and feed more animals. Add more wheels, sharpen the saw, and increase your truck capacity to go down in the history of Stone Grass - Mowing simulator as a legend!

Our grass-cutting game has plenty of islands to explore! Visit them all to mow the lawn into a tranquil oasis and find peace in the simplicity of country life in our farming tycoon game. This lawn mower simulator will help you forget about daily problems and have the rest you need.

You can not only travel between the islands in our lawn mowing game but develop your own farm. Buy cows and chickens to look after, harvest crops to feed them, and sell your animal products in our farm simulator. It will help you stimulate your farming tycoon empire growth in our grass-cutting game!

If you’re a fan of genres such as farm simulator or grass-cutting game, you’ll love Stone Grass! Still not convinced? Then look through the amazing features to love about this simulator:

- Best mechanics from other lawn mowing games;
- Relaxing grass-cutting game: all you need to do is to mow the lawn;
- Crisp graphics and tranquil landscapes with a lot of grass to harvest;
- Cool crafting and customization of your farming tycoon empire;
- Amazing rewards other lawn mowing games won’t suggest to you.

Loosen up with our grass-cutting game Stone Grass! Just download the farm simulator now to dive into the peaceful, bright fields, hear the relaxing hum of machines, try the life of a farmer, and explore the amazing islands.
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Download (100.65 MB)

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1.42.1rc (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_32310949.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-08-26 (1 month ago)
1.40.2rc Universial Android 5.0+ 2023-07-21 (2 months ago)
1.39.6rc (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_31917732.apk Android 5.0+ 2023-06-03 (3 months ago)
1.38.2rc Universial Android 5.0+ 2023-05-07 (4 months ago)
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