Stop The Robots APK

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Robots are taking over the world, invading the last undamaged territories.

Hire the skillful guys from the deep woods to push the robots off to the city ruins where their factory is placed.

Win battles to gather resources. Rank up your characters and Unlock their powers and spells to increase your team skills. Be the hero to save the earth!

Play this free beautiful 2d cartoon, funny and dynamic wall defense, arcade game. Shoot them fast and master the art of war. Damage and destroy the army of robots sent towards you but beware they are numerous so you should progress wisely.

- Four characters with different shooting abilities and skills playing together.
- Vast amount of unique abilities to choose from.
- Spells to empower your team members’ shooting abilities and defensive strengths.
- Mass damage spells over the enemies.
- Ranks for you team members to improve their skills.
- 3 difficulty levels to master.
- Lots of unique enemies.
- Boss levels.
- Multiple locations.
- Multiple profiles.
- Plenty of achievements to unlock.

Stop The Robots is part of the Playville Quest series. Don't forget to share the fun with your friends!

Ludus Studio is the developer name behind great games like: Stack the Balls, Foosball Cup, Foosball Cup World, Stop the Robots, and more coming soon...

Stop The Robots APK reviews

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Yulian Halim review Yulian Halim
Please update
Joshua Polacek review Joshua Polacek
Awesome game! Love the characters
Paul Calixto review Paul Calixto
Erica Gutierrez review Erica Gutierrez
It's awesome and COOL!
Adrian Play review Adrian Play
I liked it
A Google user review A Google user
I guess i loved iT
Surya Balapratibhana review Surya Balapratibhana
Nice tap challenge
Bryan Bogardus review Bryan Bogardus
Very fun. Lots of tapping.
Juan Rios review Juan Rios
Fun game.
Antonio Moore review Antonio Moore
So cool
Ed Silva review Ed Silva
Brandon Alvarado review Brandon Alvarado
Pecan Superdude review Pecan Superdude
It's fun
Ethan Batman review Ethan Batman
Alex Alanis review Alex Alanis
It is good