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Ammar Aziz review Ammar Aziz
Great game
I love it and play it everyday
Ventus Love review Ventus Love
Good game
Nicky Mcguire review Nicky Mcguire
This game is really cool but it's too easy I'm already on level11 and I just downloaded it
john fiorella review john fiorella
Like it so far seems detailed, not sure if I want that much to maintain in a game but for some that may be the appeal. Graphics are outstanding game play is smooth
Robin Nugraha review Robin Nugraha
Great game
So lovely till now.. keep it up
Ahmed Jaber review Ahmed Jaber
nice game NM
Avatar king review Avatar king
Great game
But it my first time playing this type of game and I need more help understanding it. And maybe u can show us beginners how to become a good player at this game.
Jhusveen Seewoonarain review Jhusveen Seewoonarain
Not bad I'll say.
Miniman master review Miniman master
It's good
It is a bit too complex as there's too many buttons but it is good
LaCarlos Reese review LaCarlos Reese
Great Game##
Great way to pass time by
Donald Y review Donald Y
Castle building and strategy
Alrich Dauth review Alrich Dauth
Love the low data usage!
Amy Ransdell review Amy Ransdell
So far so good
joe hoe review joe hoe
Great game
Very addictive
Angelica Urias review Angelica Urias
Great game
Just down load it already