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Carlos Gonzalez review Carlos Gonzalez
Hard, and boring
More you progress the harder it gets to keep your character bearly alive. Its a game where you have to spend real money to progress.
Can't get in
I go to play and keeps lodging me out the game
A Google User review A Google User
James Alexander review James Alexander
Loads halfway then kicks me out
Djer Petersen review Djer Petersen
Jordan Squad
Good game
Jeniffer Plays review Jeniffer Plays
I wanted to be a girl
This game is horrible.
My student days were not like this
Squeak Dee review Squeak Dee
You guys tried it. Horrible.
Vertebae Luv review Vertebae Luv
This is just so sad
Chris Brekke review Chris Brekke
It's a good time kill
Had fun playing
Jovan Harris review Jovan Harris
Sean Gaston review Sean Gaston
Actually kinda expected chubby girl to be fat.. And maybe girl next door to be better looking.... Just stuck with chubs whole time. kinda boring.. Spelling errors grammar issues
Ty Fugier review Ty Fugier
This game is terrible. If you mess up it'd not in your hands to win or lose in this game you can just get sick for no reason and start from square one. And the coin boosts you can get that add 5% to your money from jobs only kart for one life which is short. Just look in the gallery of this game you will see all the best stuff then move on to a better game.
Josh Daugherty review Josh Daugherty
Seems the game is always tossing videos at the screen in mid play, also when you try to increase your stats you seem to get sick or drafted or something bad and they get decreased in stead. I am so high up in levels that it requires me to spend real $$$ to progress in the game.