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Send or write in Stylish Text on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo, Skpye, Kik, Kakao, LINE, WeChat, hike and every other app which supports editing with Blue, Round, Squared, Mirrored, Curved, Slashed, Double Underlined, Dotted Underlined, Small circle underlined, Mono-space, Parenthesized, Cursive, Small Caps, Chinese,

1) 90 Unique and beautiful text styles for fun.
2) Select text, then style and send, no need to open app. (Android 6.0+)
3) Quick Share/Send/Copy to any two applications.
4) Custom choice for two shortcuts from settings.
5) Long press to copy style or single tap to share.
6) Beautiful & simple material UI app color themes.

NOTE * Quick Stylish Text popup feature is being removed due to Google Play Developer Policy change in use of Accessibility Services.

Stylish Text APK reviews

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Shøvø review Shøvø
Oh yeah! It work in my mobile without any root case ?. I'm so grateful for all of yours . ???
Arun Singh review Arun Singh
Good app
Bernard Ndungu review Bernard Ndungu
Fantastic app
Keith Sav review Keith Sav
Uninstalled straight away. First thing this app wants you to do is sign in on your device as it tampers with your encryption. That's a big fat NOPE!!! Edit to reply : Android 8 reports that it's trying to alter encryption maybe that's why I said it! Now you seem even more dodgy.
KpopTrash 101904 review KpopTrash 101904
It's an OK app. I wouldn't really recommend It though. Most of the fonts are hideous and are too spaced out ;_; Please make the fonts more... Pretty.
Ahmed Essmat review Ahmed Essmat
I like the way app works
Bakwas I don't like it
Darem review Darem
fUN cSE review fUN cSE
Nice app...stylishly writes word...must try.
Rajeev Koundal review Rajeev Koundal
Nice app for stylish fonts..
Not Special......
vijay creative review vijay creative
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Mr Ozzi review Mr Ozzi
Really good apps but the problem is i need to restart this apps everytime when unlock the phone.. i hate that .. i use SAMSUNG S7 EDGE
Amit kumar review Amit kumar
Amazing app. Very useful when you feel bored of viewing same font... It's STYLISH, off course..