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Superior Tactics RTS is a real time strategy game where your fleet of space ships and tanks does battle with increasingly difficulty waves of enemy fleets. As you defeat the enemy, you earn credits and research points which can be used to buy stronger, larger ships, increase your fleet size, buy better weapons and equipment, or to upgrade the capabilities of existing weapons and equipment. Superior Tactics RTS features real-time strategy combat with the option to pause at any time to carefully consider your strategy and tactics. You can give orders at your own pace when the game is paused.

A large variety of weapons and equipment are available so you may choose your own strategy to win:
- lasers
- homing missiles
- unguided bombs
- cannons
- force field shields
- tractor and repulsor beams
- fighter-launching carriers
- repair beams
- floating space mines

In the research menu you can upgrade your equipment. For example, you can increase the range or damage of your lasers, or make your missiles more heavily armored to resist point defense lasers. Which upgrades you choose could greatly influence your effective strategy and tactics.

Another special feature is the 'Perk' system. Perks are one-time special upgrades that affect your whole fleet. For example, the auto repair perk causes all your ships to slowly repair damage over time. Another perk upgrades carrier-launched fighter weaponry, and yet another causes friendly reinforcements to arrive in each battle to help you fight.

Online multiplayer pits your fleet against the best fleets from real players around the world and includes a ladder-based ranking system.

The campaign mode presents a non-linear sector based mission grid for you to work your way through and unlock accesss to purchasing newer, large ships to make your fleet more powerful.

In Superior Tactics, it is up to you to choose the best strategy that will counter each enemy fleet you face.

Superior Tactics RTS APK reviews

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Cory Sawvell review Cory Sawvell
Vary Addictive
Online needs to be switched up . mabey add a chat so players can socialize , and matchmaking should go by fleet size and weight
ren algarate review ren algarate
Great Potential
This game has a great potential of being at the top in the charts, with the variety of weapons and ships, along with the random enemies for every mission you run/repeat. But there is a great lack of storyline. It is also haunted by bugs such as missing researched tech, some missiles just bouncing off ships and not exploding. The research bug seems to affect lasers only. And any additional upgrades seem to stay, you just can't buy it again after closing the app.
kian abidi review kian abidi
I turned my phone off after playing this game and I had bought the fusion laser. When I come back it's reset my research on it. Pls fix and I will give 4 stars. If u want 5 put less ads in.
Enigmato Maximillian review Enigmato Maximillian
Im glad i found this one!
Games this enjoyable are hard to find! Finding good games on the Play store are like looking for a needle in a haystack. Because the best games are usually NEVER in the top downloads or the "new & recently upgraded" section or any other easily located area. Nearly every good game I find is in the "similar games" or "others who downloaded this" sections of other games. So its like you gotta dig deep, sometimes 5+ game/layers deep into those sections, before you find a gem like this one. If that makes sense.
ashley John william Mosey review ashley John william Mosey
Very annoyed
I made a bunch off in app purcheses but i recently had reset my phone iv lost my save any everything i payed for with no way to recover it including add removel
Arc L review Arc L
Research bugged but game is fun.
Game would be fun if it would stop removing progress and research points spent. Everytime I go to make another ship half my tech needs to be repurchased fix the issues and add new technology like maybe cloaking and few new ships for 5 stars.
Jake O review Jake O
Good game overall, more of a time killer mainly I think. But I like the different styles of warships and such. The One thing that got me to uninstall the game is the fact that I do the campaign to get research points just like it says then I purchase weapons and when I go back in their not purchased but my points are spent and missions are still done... Could you please fix that
Dean Simmons review Dean Simmons
Ion cannons and flak missles + a couple armor muzzles are best in the beginning. Don't waste your research too soon. Dont bother with mines (just get som anti mines) Get the top gear first. You can grind the first level for credits. I liked the game but I lost everything after the update. Shame.
Kurtis Copley review Kurtis Copley
This game has been very entertaining, I do really enjoy it. However, I'll repeat what's been said - there's definitely bugs in it, and you will often lose weapons that need to be re-unlocked which is rather critical considering there is a finite amount of research points. Certain weapons have stayed permanently unlocked, usually lasers, but all mines and cannons have locked themselves when opening the game later.
Stephen Hendricks review Stephen Hendricks
I love this game. It's like a sandboxy fleet combat sim where you get to decide pretty much everything about your fleet, e.g. how many of what ship, what weapons or tools do they have, and how they behave when faced with hostile AI. There is fleet grouping and splitting. The only issue I've had is that each time I've gotten a new phone in the last several years, I've had to repurchase the game. Devs, if you're reading this, can you comment or advise? Please? I'm still giving you five stars of course.
Da 123best review Da 123best
Needs to be able to have more units. It will also be super awesome if we can upgrade certain ships besides the guns. Sometimes the writing and numbers turn into some letters and symbols and i cant understand anything besides what i remember. Please fix. Also one more thing, the writing is too small i can barely see it
robert michalec review robert michalec
The game keeps deleteing weapons i already unlocked, Now i have no good weapons and I've beat every mission in the game. What am i supposed to do? I have no research credits and no good weapons anymore, i cant even play the game because of this problem. You guys need to work out the games issues, because this is preventing me from being able to play.
John Neal review John Neal
Love this game. Had it installed on my last 4 phones over the past several years, and happily replayed the game each time. But i just logged in after the latest update and all of my progress from the last 2 years is gone. It's one thing for me to choose to restart, but I'm not paying for ad removal again because of a botched update.
Jake Rawn review Jake Rawn
I loved the game when I first played. I paid for the add removal and had a blast. I later had problems with my phone and had to reinstall the game after I fixed my phone. The game recognized me cause I have an online profile and I'm ranked. But they want me to pay for add removal again. I emailed them to fix this and no reply. I try again no reply. I would pay again but I plan to upgrade my phone and I don't wanna pay a third time. Show some love to your paying customers . Fix this and I'll give 5 star!
eric stoltz review eric stoltz
It would have gotten a better overall score if after the updates they didn't lose my account and I have to start from square 1 with none of the upgrades I had earned and paid for. Unless this developer doesn't fix this then they are just out to steal anyone's cash they spend on the game