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The most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game returns on Android!

Every day, in every corner of the world, terrorist organizations spread chaos and destruction. But a new threat looms large on the horizon. Once disparate groups have banded together under the banner of the A.I.M. With numbers far greater than any other group, the A.I.M is hell bent on wreaking havoc and spreading their message of hate. Now, they have arrived and set up their base in our once peaceful city. Large areas have already been devastated and only SWAT can stop them reducing the rest to rubble.
It's time to stand up and fight. It's time to destroy them!

A huge array of weapons and equipment to use on the battlefield.

An advanced weapon upgrade system that lets you maximize your firepower.

Realistic weather effects add new challenges to your missions.

Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increase your combat effectiveness.

New night battle mode. Use night vision to fight the enemy in the shadows.

Intense battle scenes and challenging missions.

Epic visual effects and music will take you to the frontline.

An innovative companion system that allows you to recruit warriors to fight alongside you.

SWAT 2 APK reviews

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William Brown review William Brown
One of the "Best Shooting Games Around". I Give It 5★★★★★.
Huss qad review Huss qad
Good...For kids
Just standing foot, Tilting camera and shooting at targets that just appear and do nothing...like practice targets, not much of a game if that's what's it all about
Jake Retzloff review Jake Retzloff
Not bad
Graphics are lower than expected, and you could have a better weapon selection and system. Would love to see an ADS system on this one! Game is super fun and none of my complaints are enough to affect playability!
Arvind Pandey review Arvind Pandey
Not give heavy things
I would give 5 but you should give heavy things in wheel of fortune like 100 G & M32 they are never coming please give in next update
Lot of money required to play this game
Every time I ran out of bullets and I don't have enough cash to buy it...game is only for millionaires
Emilio Cabrera review Emilio Cabrera
Need to be able to take cover
The enemy's can take cover how come we can't fix this then i rate five stars.
Kevin Richmond review Kevin Richmond
Suck dick
This game sucks so much my eyeballs want to slap me for looking at it#kill wit graphics
Neil Abuan review Neil Abuan
It Really Fun To Play and It Has Really Good Graphics, Really Good Control's Too.. I RATE IT A ?FIVE STARS⛦.
Jason Gladson review Jason Gladson
This Is an awesome game
donna dewess review donna dewess
Galaxy Geri review Galaxy Geri
Retarted game.
Luis A Objio Ventura review Luis A Objio Ventura
It's ok
Carlos Gafa' review Carlos Gafa'
Pay to play
Mhd Alam review Mhd Alam
Muhammad alam
Balong Balong review Balong Balong
I love it.