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reborn love review reborn love
So fun
Fun fun fun
Brookie Chambers review Brookie Chambers
So I installed this app for my sister...Well when I did, it loaded up perfectly fine until, she started playing it. This game let her click on the "Dress Me Up!" area and let her dress the girl Katie up to only just the dresses!! Then this game goes and says this..."Unfortunately this game has stopped. Would you like to close?" And then you tap on either "Yes" or "Cancel". What kind of game is this?! I mean it was fun at first and cute all up until this big fiasco! Well of you want this game, be my guest.
I don't like the game and All the games are unlock and the persons who want to download please be aware of it because it takes so many gb and 17 hours OK and choose another game for yourself my biggest mistake In the world is to download this game
Ashely Martinez review Ashely Martinez
Yo guys that say that this game takes long to download well it doesn't so that is what I thought it works perfectly you know why yours took long because your phone is stupid
Loved it
This game is AWESOME althogh it's to bad that you have to unlock somethings.anyway,I think U should buy this it's fun!!?
Took so long to download and I haven't even played it yet .I'm gonna delete it know .
Totally Rubbish
Migle Saulyte review Migle Saulyte
This game is just sooo cute!!! This new character Justin is such a sweet boy, he really likes Katie. I love all Sweet Baby Girl games but this one is absolutely adorable, totally recommend it!
I hated it.
I never think that is a bad game. So I never play . I deleted this game. So I not love this game. I am mad of this game. That is a child game
Deividas Vaitiekūnas review Deividas Vaitiekūnas
This game is awesome!
Got this game like 5 hours ago and I just can't stop playing!! Its so good!! Love TutoTOONS games - they are the best!! :D
Its really cute.
Kinda good 🤔
Shamsuddin Khan review Shamsuddin Khan
Very bad game.
Kissing game.
Hyeree Heidi Kang review Hyeree Heidi Kang
This game is a very good game. Plus it's romantic and funny.And you are my favorite game of all!
rita rai review rita rai
I love it this game my daughter enjoy this game
Brianna Stinson review Brianna Stinson
It's to boing