Sweet Baby Girl First Love APK

Sweet Baby Girl First Love
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Sweet Baby Girl Katie is in love for the first time! So sweet and cute! Help Katie invite Justin on their first date, dress and style the sweethearts for this special day and play the cutest first love games!

First date makeover, super cute picnic in the park, adorably funny selfies, carnival fun time, cotton candy making and watching stars in the night sky are just the beginning of the sweetest and most romantic love story!

Game Features & Activities

LOVE POST: Help little Katie craft the most romantic love letter for Justin and invite him on a date! Color, decorate with cute animals, spray with perfume, stamp it and send to sweet Justin with pigeon post!

FASHION GIRL: Go shopping with Sweet Baby Girl Katie and create her the most beautiful first date look! A dress, a skirt and a cute top or chic pants and a fabulous blouse – it’s up to you to design!

BOY DRESS UP: Justin wants to look really cool on his first date with Katie, help him get ready! Shirts, jeans, trousers, t-shirts, jackets, sunglasses and accessories – you’ll find everything you need for that perfect boy outfit!

PICNIC: Katie and Justin planned to have a picnic in the park but the place is covered in trash! Help them clean up the park and enjoy a lovely lunch outside under the colorful lanterns, with heart-shaped sandwiches and strawberries!

PHOTO: Take a selfie to remember the dream date! Katie and Justin are in the photo booth, ready to make the funniest faces. Free your imagination, change Katie and Justin’s faces and create the craziest first date photo!

HEART HUNTER: Go to the Carnival and help sweet Justin win a toy for his dream girl Katie! Show your best skills, aim well, hit as many toy hearts as you can and surprise Sweet Baby Girl Katie with a pink teddy bear!

COTTON CANDY: Make the sweetest cotton candy for the cutest sweethearts! Melt the sugar and strawberry syrup and decorate candy floss with tiny hearts and stars. Learn numbers while helping Katie and Justin pay for this yummy dessert!

WATCHING STARS: Stargazing is not only super romantic but also... educational! Watch the night sky with Katie and Justin, connect the stars and learn the shapes – circle, square, triangle, heart and more!

MOVIE: Watch videos for kids, earn extra coins and use them to unlock new game items!

ALBUM: Collect 6 cute photos of Katie and Justin in the first love photo album!

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Sweet Baby Girl First Love APK reviews

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reborn love review reborn love
So fun
Fun fun fun
Brookie Chambers review Brookie Chambers
So I installed this app for my sister...Well when I did, it loaded up perfectly fine until, she started playing it. This game let her click on the "Dress Me Up!" area and let her dress the girl Katie up to only just the dresses!! Then this game goes and says this..."Unfortunately this game has stopped. Would you like to close?" And then you tap on either "Yes" or "Cancel". What kind of game is this?! I mean it was fun at first and cute all up until this big fiasco! Well of you want this game, be my guest.
I don't like the game and All the games are unlock and the persons who want to download please be aware of it because it takes so many gb and 17 hours OK and choose another game for yourself my biggest mistake In the world is to download this game
Ashely Martinez review Ashely Martinez
Yo guys that say that this game takes long to download well it doesn't so that is what I thought it works perfectly you know why yours took long because your phone is stupid
Loved it
This game is AWESOME althogh it's to bad that you have to unlock somethings.anyway,I think U should buy this it's fun!!?
Took so long to download and I haven't even played it yet .I'm gonna delete it know .
Totally Rubbish
A Google user review A Google user
A Google user review A Google user
Its really cute.
A Google user review A Google user
Kinda good ?
A Google user review A Google user
Love it
Moonie_Rose review Moonie_Rose
I mean, I love this game, no lie, but there is so many ads... If you could do me a favor and take the ads down a notch? Thanks! P.S, Great design and scenes! ????❤
A Google user review A Google user
I don't like it I love it
A Google user review A Google user
I loved the names ,faces,every single thing,but why are so many ads .And yes I need the answer right now
cherice quinn review cherice quinn
It is a very good game and I have a few questions about the game and I think it is a bit of a pain but I am sure that I will be able to play it
Squeeze First review Squeeze First
You made this for kids? Why would i want my kids playing this. Why does this game even exist,who is the target audience? THIS GAME IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS!!