Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2 APK

Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2
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The best game for girls this summer now with new super cool activities: boat party, ice slush and dolphin rescue!

Join the Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun club and play the best summer holiday games for kids and toddlers! Spend your summer at the beach near the ocean with Sweet Baby Girl and her friends in a paradise seaside resort. From animal care and ocean clean up to delicious snacks and beauty makeover, these girls have many plans for summer. Have fun exploring 12 amazing activities and play the games that you love!

Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2 games for girls:
· Girls always take their pet pony on holidays! Take care of this cute little horse: clean up the mess, dirt and spider webs in the stable, shower the pony and make a beautiful hairstyle!
· Oh no! Little dolphin is in danger, help him! Rescue the pink dolphin from trash in the ocean, wash it with a sponge and make this precious ocean animal happy again!
· Refresh with the best frozen fruit ice slush! Slice, chop and blend fresh fruits with ice, fill the glass with this frozen rainbow color drink and taste it with your summer friends!
· Sweet Baby Girl and friends are planning a boat party but the ship is a mess! Clean up, wash, scrub, polish and makeover the boat, paint it pink and gold, and get ready for the best boat party before the sun goes down!
· Makeover time! Start in the Shopping Center, mix and match different clothes and colors, and design the perfect boat party outfit!
· Visit Hair Salon for a new hairstyle! Wash, dry, comb, cut and curl hair to make the most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles. Dye hair in bright summer colors and decorate with the most fashionable holiday accessories!
· It’s a really hot day in the summer resort. Make the most delicious chocolate, vanilla and strawberry frozen ice cream for the girls!
· Now the girls are looking for a fancy manicure, learn how to do one! Clean up, cut, and shape the nails, paint them pink and decorate with cute pictures, flowers and stripes!
· Sweet Baby Girl and friends are hungry, time to make the most popular holiday snacks - hot dogs! Grill sausages and heat up hot dog buns, add vegetables and sauces, and serve hot dogs to your little clients!
· Decorate the fancy villa where the girls will be staying this summer and plan a chill area with chairs and sun umbrella!
· More summer fun inside: collect summer postcards and watch summer videos for kids!
· Collect coins and use the to unlock new dress up and decoration items!

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Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2 APK reviews

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Tony Suppa review Tony Suppa
ashley saviski review ashley saviski
I think u should give it a littel more detal
Not bad but fun to childish haha baby like #j.k love this game plez make more of these next time make a baby one with a crib lol
Adetutu Akimolayemi review Adetutu Akimolayemi
My sister played on this game and she hatered it doesn't even deserve 1 star .Despite it's a large app it's just awful completely boring .I regret taking all my Mb for this rubbish game .
marwah awad review marwah awad
I hated it there only 3 is not lock
And I dont even like it my babay doesnt like it
I think this game is so boring game only four level is unlock pls unlocked the all levels..... I don't like this game..
sushma Jadhav review sushma Jadhav
Very beautiful and amazing
Great graphics,control system and photos but the other games are locked that's why it is but they should not lock the other games. It is the worst game in the world
Abroo Taimoor review Abroo Taimoor
Hate it!only hair salon, hand salon and hot dogs making are open I request you please don't download this game it is the worst game of the World
Nice Game Ever
Skip this game is so cool I can't even describe it it's fantastic it's not it's not like all these Adventures that she goes on and you know I like the hot dogs and I like the nail salon I like that his mom and I keep forgetting to level up very fast it's kind of nice to you know.
So bad
I downloaded it by seeing pics but the most levels are locked aaaaaaaaaa
Chloe Laluk review Chloe Laluk
Sweet baby girl summer fun2
I think the game is really fun but you should delete the expenses that and it is free because some people don't have enough money for the expensive apps so yeah not trying to be rude though yeah right
Antoinette Criego review Antoinette Criego
I love it, but it would be nice if you could make the places that are locked, can be free, but it was good, and good work ???????
Garvit Gullu review Garvit Gullu
Worst game only three things to do and others are locked......stupid.....rubbish ..