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Like science fiction, fantasy and horror? That’s what we love at SYFY and those are the shows and movies we put on. And with this app, you can watch movies and full episodes of our shows, including new episodes available the day after they air (for most programs). Just download the app, log in with your television or satellite provider and geek out with us.

SYFY APK reviews

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Kip Slayback review Kip Slayback
Garbage! Ads galore!
In 1, 42min episode I had to watch over 10mins of ads! Horrible! HBO GO has zero ads!
michael dyer review michael dyer
It only took a couple of years after ios and windows phone, but it's finally on Android. You lose 2 stars for the wait.
David Still review David Still
At least it's here?
It only took 3 years, but SyFy Now is finally available on Android. Unfortunately, there is no Chromecast support, no Android TV support, no Fire TV support, and no support for Charter, only the third largest cable provider in the country. But hey, props for trying!
Kitty St Clair review Kitty St Clair
No charter login
It says on the website that Charter Spectrum customers can use it, but it isn't on the list in the app. Any idea when you'll fix that?
Chandrasekar Raju review Chandrasekar Raju
Catch up
Nice to have. Can watch, pause and resume from where I left. Watchlist feature is cool. Missing Chromecast but I use screen mirroring it works great.
Daniel Rice review Daniel Rice
Y U No Include Chromecast Support?
I don't get it.
Brothers Build review Brothers Build
I can't even get to do anything! I try to play a show and it tells me I have to fix my settings. So I go to the menu and tap settings and the whole app freezes! And it freezes my phone after that! I was so excited to be able to watch Face/off with my son and it sucks! Why haven't you done something yet instead of this stupid automated response to the bad reviews!
eric beckett review eric beckett
Never went past first screen. Should not have to have a cable provider to watch. If this is the case may as well just watch it on tv. Better picture and sound and no glitches. The only use I can see for this app is so you can give someone else you're cable login so they can watch at their house. Uninstalled.
peter martincello review peter martincello
Great shows, horrible app. 1.Glitches 10-20% of the time. 2. If you stop the show( or it glitches) you'll have to start all over, does not hold your place. 3. Can not download shows. 4. Layout of app is embarrassing, just plan old. It's not 2005 anymore. Please fix, I love the Syfy network, just not it's app.
Ian Atkisson review Ian Atkisson
App always restarts whatever show I'm casting when I try and reopen the app it's so irritating having to sit through the ad I already watched and rewatch the show. I'll still be using it but I'd really like to see a fix in the near future.
Jeff Kring review Jeff Kring
Possibly the worst streaming app for a major cable channel. Do anything (like turn on captions. Pause. Try to rewind or fast forward) and it starts over. Can't fast forward to where you were. Doesn't disconnect from chromecast when you tell it to either.
aaron morford review aaron morford
The app is pretty clunky. Most shows have only a few to no episodes at all available and requires a cable provider sign-in. They took the app off android TV (Nvidia Shield). For some reason my cast button disappears on the phone app right after load. So, this app has essentially rendered itself useless.
Meghann L. Dunn review Meghann L. Dunn
Worst Chromecast interface I've ever used. It leaps to different spots of the episode with every commercial. Also, if I try to fix it (because I don't want spoilers), it only makes it worse. Totally not worth the download until they fix it, if you're a Chromecast user.
Sonya Lindquist review Sonya Lindquist
Thank you for bringing back Paranormal Witness (PW). Sometimes, Destination America (DA) doesn't stream PW live for some reason, even though I can watch it live on DA on cable. DA would not stream it after the fact either, but kept saying that while it would not stream live, PW could be streamed after the fact. That isn't even close to true - not even On Demand. SyFy brought back all 5 seasons, and I have been binge watching all 5 seasons. Thank you very much. However, Season 5, Episode 4 - The Contract - will not play. The one time I thought it would, it buffered and buffered and buffered... I tried on Roku - completely unplugged and replugged it thinking it needed a reset - didn't work. I signed out and signed back into SyFy - didn't work. I watched the app outside of Roku on my tablet - didn't work. So, I think the problem is this app. I stream Ghost Wars faithfully, and catch SyFy movies from time to time. I am interested in Happy, but am not there yet. The app works really well most of the time, but when it doesn't, it is a real bummer. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Stephen Puopolo review Stephen Puopolo
App is terrible. Not only did it take forever to log in with my cable provider info, when I was finally able to watch a show the subtitles/closed captioning kept missing chunks of the dialogue. I'll just stick with watching it from my computer. Uninstalled.