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Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs
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Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs will bring you the best music experience.

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Evan Sheppard review Evan Sheppard
I'm so happy Tap Tap is back. I've been a series veteran ever since the original on the iPod and iPhone and I have to say this is a great reboot of the series. Finally a rhythm game for Android where the note maps aren't absolutely horrendous. After playing through half the catalogue on the hardest difficulty I can vouch that the note maps are in time and are accurate to the songs. I don't really care for the pop hits that are included for free but I do think the amount of free songs is very generous when compared to Tap Tap 3 and 4. I also think the music video option is cool but wish I was able to toggle it off as I don't really care for it and would prefer to see more of the highway. Overall it's easily the best rhythm game currently out for Android.
Jphang review Jphang
I agree with the other guy who's a drummer that mentioned that the audio and beat syncing is absolutely horrendous in this game. I'm a pro at rhythm games and played tap tap 4 to death until it's actual death when the app was no longer supported. I can immediately feel the difference when first playing this version. It's not a calibration issue, but the actual beats that come down don't even match the beats of the song. If this could be fixed, it would actually be worth spending some money on it for some more fun. But for now don't until they fix this.
Jordan Cairns review Jordan Cairns
I haven't been playing the game for long, but from what I have played I'll say that it's been quite enjoyable. I am still, however, trying to figure out the usage of earned diamonds. I had thought you'd be able to purchase additional songs with them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Not sure if I'm willing to pay actual money for additional songs but we'll see.
Ethan Sowell review Ethan Sowell
Possibly the worst servers I have ever seen, and this is from someone who tried those moba rip off games without even a ping spike. can't even make it past the intro of a song without stuttering, frame skips or video buffering (since that is so important to spend almost the whole games memory of rendering a poor quality music video that the player can't even look at while playing) poor server and poor execution
olly namira review olly namira
It's too hard to get five starts even though you got 100% hit rate. Maybe you can add boost feature in the gameplay to make it more tense.
Jasmine Sparey review Jasmine Sparey
Would be a great game if it was in sync.. Totally off beat, seems to glitch in ever game making it impossibly hard to hit on beat.. Wouldnt recommend unless you want to break your phone in anger :)