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Use this app to remotely control other devices
Want to remote into this device? > Download the QuickSupport app

Remote into another computer, smartphone or tablet, while you are on the road!
TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access and is already used on more than 1 billion devices worldwide.

Use cases:
- Control computers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) remotely as if you were sitting right in front of them
-- Provide spontaneous support or administer unattended computers (e.g. servers)
- Remotely control other mobile devices (Android, Windows 10 Mobile)

Key Features:
- Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices
- Intuitive touch and control gestures
- File transfer in both directions
- Computers & Contacts management
- Chat
- Sound and HD video transmission in real-time
- Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
- Plus so much more …

Quick guide:
1. Install this app
2. On the device you want to connect to, download TeamViewer QuickSupport
3. Enter the ID from the QuickSupport app into the ID field and connect

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TeamViewer for Remote Control APK reviews

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Reg Pringle review Reg Pringle
Very Disappointed
After using the PC to PC version of had high hopes. Turns out it only works fully on Samsung hardware. Connects to Nexus 9 OK but very limited functionality.Great pity.
Jason K review Jason K
Lacking app, annoying nag screen
Design and layout are horribly out of date. Needs material overhaul. Service is ok, though often more laggy than chrome remote desktop, and often gets stuck on "please wait while connecting". Nag screen makes me want to download a cracked version.
Matthew Smith review Matthew Smith
Love it, only one gripe
I love the app. It makes RAT quick and easy without troubling myself setting it up manually. My only issue is that if I use it in the native resolution of the pc monitor, I can't zoom in. If I use best fit, and let it scale down to 1280x720, I can pinch to zoom in and out, great for typing, however the desktop is all mashed and partly unusable at this resolution. If I could zoom in while using 1920x1080, then this would be perfect!
Lee Delahunty review Lee Delahunty
Doesn't work with Win 10.
Ever since I've installed Windows 10 on my PC this app has been virtually unusable. It still connects fine, but now when ever you do something (such as move the mouse) the screen flashes between what's really on the screen and what was on the screen minutes before. It's so bad that legally there should be an epilepsy warning.
Brian Theobald review Brian Theobald
Fantastic tool
I've been using this app to connect to my laptop at home using my phone while on a camping trip and it's worked flawlessly so far. Manipulating the mouse remotely takes some getting used to but it's fairly intuitive. The connection is always great and the screen zooming feature is really handy. Great app, and for free! Good job guys!
Mark Gollihur review Mark Gollihur
Awesome tool
It integrates perfectly with all of my desktops and my laptop. It's a little clumsy to use on the Android, but in a pinch if I have to check my work email, it works great. Love this app.
Nicolas Lavigne review Nicolas Lavigne
Popup is annoying
awesome app... however the non commercial popup is annoying on the remote pc. especially when connecting to pc that have apps that need the focus to work.
shawn shoesmith review shawn shoesmith
Useful for connecting to your desktop from anywhere in the world, transferring files, and helping your grandmother with that pesky java update so she can play her online slots via quicksupport.
Wite Furryaligator review Wite Furryaligator
I don't normally bother writing reviews for even the best of apps, but Teamviewer has saved my back on so many occasions that it cannot go unlauded. This app has only improved since I'd started using it. It has plenty of features to go around with which I can control and navigate my computer with ease. Reliability and speed are generally not an issue; my connection speed has been consistently solid, and very rarely have I been disconnected altogether over the course of the three years. Well done.
Rusty Harris review Rusty Harris
Very Handy
If you are like me, & you are the family I.T. guy, you will have the following results: Lower blood pressure, more hair growth, less cursing, more smiles, less driving, more free time. Recommended for anyone who manages their parents or friends computers. No side effects noted in clinical trials.
Terrence W. Funk review Terrence W. Funk
Love it
Free, fast, relatively intuitive controls, really can't ask for better. Also multi platform. 5/5 no doubt.
Anthony Zurkster review Anthony Zurkster
Great tool well designed.
Teamviewer has become a fantastic remote desktop utility and since it's launch has proven over and over again that it's supported by a world class dedicated team of professionals. I wouldn't have a moments hesitation in recommending any tool that Teamviewer releases, IT'S FREE TOO!
Thomas Botyrius review Thomas Botyrius
Great but it killed my laptop
I previously used this to transfer files on a great Samsung laptop whenever I forgot it and needed access. The laptop was quickly replaced as my heart struggled to move on, I hesitantly donated it to my sister. Through the course of a week I decided to play pranks whereby I ocassionaly troll around clicking here and there while she watched movies. The time came where she started Googling horror movies and my time to strike on notepad was nigh. 8/10 it deserved more than the trash bin
Mysiak Mouser review Mysiak Mouser
Restarting device
This app when connect remotr device turn my screen black and after few seconds restart device. Dont know why, but its problem, what makes this unussable for me.
Matt Humphries review Matt Humphries
Smooth, very impressed
G3, on university wireless and works beautifully. Nice programming skills Teamveiwer! Couldn't be easier.