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Take charge of your Telstra services with the Telstra 24x7® App.

It’s a smarter way to manage your Telstra mobile, landline and broadband services – all from your smartphone or tablet. To get started, simply download the app and log in with your Telstra ID.

When logged in with your Telstra ID, you can:
• Check your estimated usage for eligible services
• View, download and pay bills
• Buy add-ons such as Calling Packs, Data Packs and more
• Locate Telstra Stores and Telstra Air® hotspots
• Access Telstra THANKS™ loyalty rewards
• Get help and support via 24x7 Chat

For a full list of the app’s features visit

Telstra provides the app subject to Telstra’s Application Licence Agreement

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Standard data charges apply to download this app.

Telstra 24x7 APK reviews

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Overall good but not great
A good app from telstra but could be better. Widget too big or doesnt show enough info. Has a tendency to crash a bit.
Rick Takasch review Rick Takasch
Great app for monitoring account. I like the new widget now that the recent call charge has been added, makes it easy to keep track of multiple devices
A Google User review A Google User
About time!
About time you listened and put back the $ on the widget. Shame it took you a couple on months to fix.
Ben Terry review Ben Terry
Smaller widget needed
Great app, however the widget has a lot of wasted space, im on prepaid so it displays 3 values plus my phone number, taking up a total of 4 tiles, 2 of which is complete blank space...
Vineet Govani review Vineet Govani
Useless app. Widget showing ONLY one sim's individual data usage and if you open app, it showing shared usage of all data. It simply means that Telstra set deliberately misguided information on widget so customer end up using more data than allowance and they can charge more for each data.
Akira Wolf review Akira Wolf
Is ok
Needs more links to contact emails, phone numbers and other various things if in need of support or have a question. Also need a way to purchase the $10 and $20 data top up packs without negotiating Telstra's website. Works for recharges, balance checks, offer changes and credit expiry date information but lots of room for improvement. AW
Kevin Mar Fan review Kevin Mar Fan
Travel pass purchase doesn't work
I used Telstra 24x7 to buy a travel pass today and received a text saying it would take 24 hrs to activate not 15 mins like it said online. When I called to enquire I was told travel passes don't work properly although there was no warning of this on the app. I could've been left severely out of pocket by paying full charge global roaming.
Stephen Ansley review Stephen Ansley
Useless app. Very basic and dated compared to competition. Can't believe recharging sends you to their website in 2017. Have spent two days trying to recharge but intermittently the type of credit card field, expiry date field, or the final recharge button doesn't work, so can't do it. Any more of this and I'll just go back to Optus, out of necessity.
Very basic info only
There does not appear to be any detailed information on time/date data used. There is no information on rollover date. Overall a poor implementation showing ony basic information. Pretty blue bars don't cut it. Seems fairly typical of Telstra services, light on actual info, but plenty of hype about how great Telstra is.
Dylan anderson review Dylan anderson
Free Top-ups.
I used a free top up 1 of 3 15th dec 2016, it has been 2 days and it still pending activation.. On and off the phone with technical support.. Now they inform me that the top up service on the 24/7 app is bugged and I shouldnt use it. Cmon! All I want it some internet. They say ill have connection in 30mins to 1hr. once my contract is up IM GONE! Spend my with a different service provider.
Arthur Marsh review Arthur Marsh
Misleading Directory listing information
A number that I have unlisted in the White Pages and as UL in the IPND appears as "Standard Listing: On" in the app. Developer support email and Telstra's privacy manager have not responded to my email and calls.
Stevie Br review Stevie Br
Widget sucks
The widget needs to be very wide to display all the information which wastes so much space. Half the time it doesn't work properly anyway
Simon Pender review Simon Pender
Surprisingly good app.
Good app to keep an eye on my account. It seems to work well on my Huawei M7. I like the interface. It's easy to read and easy to use. Nice job.
jon edwards review jon edwards
Telstra 24/7 app
YAY they got it right this time
Mark Hodson review Mark Hodson
"Technical difficulties try again later" yet again again again again again. Telstra if you can't make a simple app reliable what chance have I got getting a reliable phone internet service. Update 11/04/18 here we go again. Started working again after last update stuff up, now once again can't get mobile data. This fault happens ever month or so usually after an update. Do you guys check your updates on common phones that you sell to ensure they actually work? Check the reviews !!!!