Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG APK

Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG
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Don’t download if you want mindless tutorials, easy quests, or fast level-up.

Get yourself frustrated from maze-like dungeons, low drop rate and confusing rules!

Expect slow game speed and hours of hard grind! This is not a racing game!

We only look for those strong in heart and mind!

A world with vast landscape
* Discover the fantasy world "step-by-step"
* No more "tap-to-select-a-dungeon"

Form clans, expolore dungeons, defeat bosses
* Don't face danger alone, face it in a group!
* Lots of unexplained rules and hidden monsters
* Share your experience with your clan members, advance faster!
* Powerful bosses are hiding in extremely large maze-like dungeons

Your character, your choice
* Add stats points the way you want
* Same equipment works differently for each class

Trade with others, be a merchant
* You can trade and sell almost anything

Intense PVP action
* Force PK anytime outside of town!

Teon, God of Creation, created Edin and all beings. The powerful Giants enslaved the other races, but Humans fought back. King Arthur, leader of knights, finally became the master of Edin. With Edin united, the Tower of Babel was built in attempt to reach Heaven. Enraged, Teon imprisoned King Arthur. Chaos ensued, and Humans dropped like flies.
Finally, the brutal King Attila took over the throne and brought terror over the world. The Undead rose, and Edin was shrouded in darkness.
Still, the light of justice never faded. Knights, Mages, and Elves fight alongside King Arthur’s descendants to revolt against the anarchy of King Attila. Here begins the fight of Kings and Knights!

[Monthly Subscription]
* Teon is divided into Member Zones and Non-Member Zones. Talk to "Servant of Teon [Oath]" on the left of the warehouse in Promise Island to subscribe and become a member.
* Non-Member Zones: Edin Sky Island, Promise Island, Promise Island Dungeon F1 and F2.
* Member Zones: Old Escape Tunnel, Maros, Elven Garden, Orc Town, Orcish Guild, and future new maps.
* The subscription fee is US$ 9.99. Subscription is renewed automatically every month.
* A subscription that's not canceled 24 hours before expiration will be renewed automatically. The subscription fee will be deducted 24 hours before expiration.
* The subscription for the current month can not be canceled.
* Player Guidelines: http://teon.lakoo.com/rules/
* Privacy Policy: http://lakoo.com/privacy

[Important Information]
* The game pack unzips for approx. 2min when first launched. Progress can be seen at the bottom left corner.




If you have problems logging in, check Help or contact our customer service at: [email protected]
Note: Your email subject should include "Teon", e.g. "Teon: Problem Feedback", "Teon: Device Problem", "Teon: Login Failure".

Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG APK reviews

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Darrell Bayani review Darrell Bayani
Good game but not for free to play players, cant explore new maps unless you pay. Smh
David Alicea review David Alicea
Not bad guys..fun game and brings me back to the days of old rpg's of the 80's just with the mmo feel,and yet it also feels like an old D&D game. This game is for series rpg/mmo players no affence to some ppl..if you never played rpg's/mmo play one of those first and if you like it then come back and download this fun game. I say that because you need potions to heal ur self a lot of mmo' s give you health back when ur not in battle. This game is a bit more challenging fun for veterans like my self. Once again fun game thx #TeonTeam.
Pavel Ksenzov review Pavel Ksenzov
The game is real fun for those who enjoy this kind of stuff and has great potential. At the same time, "hardcore" not always equals "awkward" and "unnecessarily demanding"/"frustrating". That said, the subscription price is definitely way too steep for a "nostalgic" game from the 90s, promising though it may be.
Sifu - review Sifu -
Decent and playable. No baits when you start playing. Old school feel for an old school gamer. The 99 cents is not bad for the experience. I've not gotten to the point where I can say the monthly sub is worth while yet but for now I enjoy the feel. So 3 stars for now until I explore the game a little more.
Stevanus review Stevanus
Pro: good mmo rpg that doesnt drain your phone battery. No lags. Low data consumption. Cons: no indicator about team mates whereabouts. No minimap. No player level indicator (hard to distinguish which player level)
Guy Petersen Jr review Guy Petersen Jr
Meh. I didn't care for the game play, the graphics, and the tutorial has misspelled words. I know that most people wouldn't care, but I'm tired of seeing the English language slaughtered. It denotes sloppiness and a lack of care on the part of the developers.
Jerome Paul Muyot review Jerome Paul Muyot
Always failed updating at the first of the game using data connection. Even i have a fast connection, you should fix it for data users because there are so many gamers using only data and not wifi when playing online games specially in the asian countries.
Gu Myungwol review Gu Myungwol
Fk tis game for its security stuff dat it has lotsa bug and probs dat i kept crashing n i swear i would go to ur game company and cast a curse spell on it or at it drive an airplane into it and make the company collapse to the fking gground!!
Mae Harrell review Mae Harrell
So problem I downloaded it and I get stuck at 96 percent in the whole loading process please fix it
alricco Daniels review alricco Daniels
Downloaded the game and it does not even open,it was busy extracting and then it closed or stopped on 96% and never once have i downloaded a game from playstore that does not work or start from the get go ,this was my first
Ammar Askar review Ammar Askar
Its quite fun game from the begging conquer fans or tibia fans will really stick to it and it doesnt seem too p2w so far cuz some of you guys always look for that and i see heard that there are places u can only access to if u subscribed to the game but itsnt that much i guess
Barnaby Joe review Barnaby Joe
Better than the stupid vip combat power based garbage out here gladly bought the mknthly subscription and sell sealed oaths
Joshua Weise review Joshua Weise
Despite the simplicity, it looks like you can do a ton.
Venator Selver review Venator Selver
В первый раз скачал, после скачивания доп. файлов, выключалась игра. Второй раз установил игру, то даже не стала запускать скачивание доп. файлов. Телефон: MEIZU m 1 note
richard icenhour review richard icenhour
Finally a lineage one for phone thank you for bringing us This brilliant game