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Terminal Emulator Pro
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"Terminal Emulator Pro" teachers android phone users unlocks the powerful capabilities of (linx/unix) that underlie android,teaching how to use command-line syntax to perform common tasks such as file managment,data entry , and text manipulation . this app learn you the basics of the command line and graduating to powerful, entrer commands in terminal to create , move , copy , and delete file and folder .
you can change file ownership and permissions ,view and stop command and application processes, find and edit data within file , and use command-line shortcuts to speed up workflow ...

simple and clear design ...
*white cmd view
*black cmd view
*red cmd view
*green cmd view
And other colors discovered by yourself


+ Full Linux terminal emulation.
+ Launcher short cuts.
+ UTF-8 text.
+ Completely free no in-app-purchases

topics include :
+moving around the file system.
+copying , moving , renaming , and deleting files and directories
+creating hard links and symbolic links
+canging the path variable
+using the command history
+understanding user identity , file ownership ,and sudo
+directing input and output
+configuring the unix working environement
Enjoy :)