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Experience EA’s high-speed, action-packed take on one of the world’s most famous puzzle games! It’s two-minute Tetris® with exciting fresh features, including a stunning look and feel, rewarding Power-Ups to get as you climb levels, and intense Battles with friends.

Supercharge your game and trigger point-boosting reactions with exciting Power-Ups and Finishers like Frostbite, Crusher, Mino Rain, and more. Earn Shards when you complete activities and events, and use them to upgrade your Power-Ups for higher scores!

Race to reach top scores, clear a set number of lines with specific Power-Ups, or collect as many Coins as you can. Complete activities in Tournaments, Battles, Daily Challenges, and more to win awesome rewards. Plus, play mega Weekly Quests for mini bonuses as you play, and earn even bigger rewards when you finish!

Enjoy explosive Tetris effects and grab double points when you trigger the elusive Frenzy mode. Match blocks to clear back-to-back lines to stay in Frenzy, and get blown away by stunning cascades that keep the points rolling in. It’s Tetrimino mania!

Aim for a personal best score and win bragging rights as you duel it out with your friends to top the Leaderboards. Match skills against other players in multiplayer BLITZ Battles, or race to victory in limited-time Tournaments and see if you can take home the win.

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Tetris ® & © 1985~2016 Tetris Holding. All Rights Reserved.

TETRIS Blitz APK reviews

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Amutra Levine review Amutra Levine
This game was fun at first, but lately when I made purchases (like coins or finishers) it would not load the purchased content. I had to call Google twice to refund my money. I ended up uninstalling the game due to content purchase problems. Also, I had problems contacting EA customer support. I wanted them to help figure out the issue, but it was not easy to speak with their customer service.
Pam Hamman review Pam Hamman
I'm disgusted. I used to be able to win the challenges once in a while. Now I'm lucky to beat the first challenge. I CAN NEVER beat the second challenge any more - I just keep having to spend coins and do not get any where. I won't be doing the challenges any more since I just CANNOT beat them and you keep taking my coins. Another irritating factor: on 'activate 6 power-ups' - I never get more than 5 power-ups. How can I activate 6 when I am only given 5?
Emmanuel Mebasser review Emmanuel Mebasser
Tournament scores are wrong, don't waste your time.
I watched the videos of the high scorers in the tournaments and their scores wrong. One person got 4.6m and their score shows 6.1m in the leader boards for soaring avenues. Either they are cheating or this is a bug. All the credits we spend to play the tournaments should be given back from the last week.
Autumn Oriard review Autumn Oriard
Too Much Blitz
Too many tricks, upgrades, & showy rewards. Never felt like I was really able to get into a game & play. Each game was only 2 minutes long & half of the line clears were from random upgrades like "lasers" that I hadn't even wanted to win. I guess I'm a Tetris purest & this just doesn't compare.
Lio Valleza review Lio Valleza
Fun and addictive!
I've only had one crash, but it was reimbursed (power ups, coins, etc.), so it was no big deal. Plenty of ads but most of them can be skipped. Clear tutorials, good functionality... the addictive fun of Tetris, but with the rush and anticipation of a 2 minute time limit, adding a fun new element. Great game!
Jason Reid review Jason Reid
The new features are good, but a bit hard to achieve if you're not a non-stop player. Said type of player is at a distinct advantage when it comes to winning things like tournaments.
Tonye Albert review Tonye Albert
One of my essential phone downloads.
Roger Arthur review Roger Arthur
I enjoy it immensely
M.Lee Cthulhu review M.Lee Cthulhu
I have a current tournament score that numerically should have me at 7th or 8th place not 12th! I wish i could include a screen shot of how messed up the scores are! I am in the top ten, and should be placed where i belong. Please help? This Tournament ends in 6 hrs
Far too many ads! Response to battle requests infrequent! Coins are hard to come by (unless you cheat) and finishers and power ups require a lot of coins. Not much fun when you have to spend so much time gathering coins so you can partake in either a battle or tournament!:(
Belinda Litchfield review Belinda Litchfield
Game randomly freezes and crashes, wasting powerups, finishers, resulting in wasted coins etc.
Nicole Hester review Nicole Hester
Not sure I like the new part of the game that includes buying shards to upgrade power ups, and then the new weekly game play event that let's you earn prizes for different activities completed during the week. Seems to me to be a new way for the game to earn money......starting to remind me of Game of War, which I quit playing due to the always changing game that requires money to be successful in the game. I hope there aren't any new portions to the game added anytime soon....I love the game, but not the new parts of the game that really require money to be successful.
Laszier Lewis review Laszier Lewis
Great gamee
Tetris Blitz is extremely fun, perfect for Tetris fans.
This game is easy to play, easy to learn, & more challenging the further along you get. I could spend hours playing Tetris Blitz. The Daily Challenges help keep you on your toes. Tips and Tricks come up often. I like the fact that the leaderboard resets twice a week. This game is entertaining and very diverting. I like the tournaments as well. I recommend downloading the updated version ASAP. In order to exit, you might have to do something drastic like going to the home menu and selecting support.
Jacob Mason review Jacob Mason
Wow. A lot has changed. Sure I like it but what happened to the texture? Why does everything look weird? Could you get the old look back?