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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
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Hail to the Captain!

Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities.
Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab the steering wheel to sail through battles and raids, ransoms and treasures, to become the Crimson King of the Antilles!

- 20 classes of ships
- unlimited fleet size
- control several ships in combat
- bombard enemy fortresses with heavy mortars.
- 5 types of ammo - cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot,
- special weapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, battering rams, pre-boarding attacks
- 30 ship upgrades
- character development, rising experience levels
- 20 captain skills - unlocking new game features and possibilities
- realistic sailing simulation, incorporating distance and time
- hundreds of islands and dozens of ports to visit and explore
day/night cycle
- building construction and upgrades
- multiple player held bases
- unlimited number of sea battles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglers missions, convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escort missions)
- story-driven campaign set in a living world full of people.
- historical module, with more than 50 years of real history and real events
- reputation in a dozen nations
- fight with other players in 2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE

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Dean West review Dean West
This game was great. But it seems that the story arc has finished after defeating the Pirate Confederation and the West India Co. Am I missing something? Is there more that I haven't activated? If so, then the game would be better. Also I'm VERY disappointed with the premium ship "Le Spinx". It can't mount stern or bow guns. I hate it and can't believe it was the most expensive ship; twice the amount of others. I wish I could trade it in.
Love it
But when i was attacking a town their is a little problem i can control one ship per fight but i can bring two heres the problem why is the enemy boats all fight me but my other boat is just staying...and while im fighting two enemies the other one enemy is attacking my other boat that no ones controling on it i wish that there will be a computer to control it it would be fare..
Jeniffer Williams review Jeniffer Williams
This Game needs more instructions at the beginning such as training how to capture other ship and upgrade the ship. I spent hours figuring out how to upgrade ships & take out enemy ships, but failed. Otherwise this game is excellent ?
Fajar Ginantio review Fajar Ginantio
Superb until....
It was superb game until finished. Then... boring
Matthew Martin review Matthew Martin
Love this game!!! But, when my ships control themselves they do way more damage to themselves than any enemy.... Can they not see land? Or each other? Please fix this!!!!! I won't even use my premium ship in fear it will crash itself while I'm busy elsewhere..
Tim Coffey review Tim Coffey
Awesome times three!!!
Great game play stalls sometimes but love it totally addicted
Quite interesting ! Best ever game excellent graphics
The best
Great graphics and super addicting
Rudransu Das review Rudransu Das
Heck of a game lads ?.........Aye Aye Cap'n !!
Played quite a many games from PLAY STORE but this? This is nuts..... Total nutz.......Caribbean Adventure in it's peak. Great game for Pirate fans and sub - Standard for those who are annoyingly practical. Though I think some corrections should be incorporated in this game 1) The crew of the ship, though present just sit idle while boarding enemy ships !! 2) There should be more stories after the fall of West India Company and new nations or factions should be introduced...
J Seid review J Seid
Absolutely loved it! Just wish each harbor retained its easter egg, but then that would be cheatin eh :)
ivan kennard review ivan kennard
Badass ship game
The most addictive offline sailing ship era game ever.and thanks for adding open world but please do not add sea monsters it will ruin the game realism but add whaling instead i know people in this age still hunt whales and add viking longships/dragon ships?? Pleaseeee i really really like it if you add one , make it only as a trading ship and add oars into the side to and maybe stuck it on tier 1/2 and once again do not add sea monsters
¿Unknown Profile? Mr????? review ¿Unknown Profile? Mr?????
Sea monsters.
I love the game what would really make it fun is if there where sea monster that would be awesome! Also the ghost should be some pirate zombie skeleton thing idk. Love - me ^-^
Jackie Divina review Jackie Divina
the as is amazing just one thing I bought skills and use them all now I'm maxed but I haven't do the skill mission yet so now Im stuck can you make it even you upgrade the skill you can de upgrade it "_"
Tom Avery review Tom Avery
I love the game, when is the next update? And what is in the next update? Also you should give us a full customization of our ships where we spend gold to do it since I've spent 1000+ dollars on it and give us ghost ships and a legendary ghost ship that has like a thousand cannons or something that hunts other Pirate ships. Also make the waves bigger in storm and add Hurricanes and fix the Black Pearl it's supposed to be the fastest ship but it is tied with others and the snow and corvette easily go faster
Irenna Lauren review Irenna Lauren
Tgis is one of the most addicting game i ever played, locve the open world part, love the battles altho it can do with skme improvements! Otherwise its great game!