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S. DeJesus review S. DeJesus
This is so much FUN!!
I can't believe as a grown woman I am sitting up here playing Wizard of Oz but it is so cool! The characters in the game look like the characters in the movie, the graphics are incredible and the fact that they use clips from the movie make it even better. This is one game that is actually worth the download.
Patricia Narita review Patricia Narita
Love it
A great match game love everything about it and worth the wait...many thanks...
joon1961 review joon1961
This is a really good game. The only criticism I have is that when you get unlimited lives you have to continue to play the whole time. Would be better if you could save it if you have to stop playing. I play another game that does just that.
Maryjane Kadelski review Maryjane Kadelski
I've totally lost interest since the developers made so many changes bonuses are nothing like they used to be and the game is no longer enjoyable go back to the days when the bonuses were worth playing for very dissapointed
Denise Hansen review Denise Hansen
Love this game. But I won two hours free play and was busy so thought I could come back to use it. But I lost it. Plus why when you get a common reel that you have already seen do you get tickets? What are the use of these tickets? I would rather have coins. Still love the game and will continue to play, but if we win something and we can't use it asap and loose it its upsetting. Not fair to real people with busy lives.
Dale Patterson review Dale Patterson
Look it ticks!
This is a fantastic game of it type & to top it off it's also my favourite movie of all time too 😎 love all the little film quote & all the different varieties of game play, playing it so much my phone battery can't keep up 🙌 well I'm over 800 levels in so must be doing something right, wizard could be a bit fairer with his granting requests, over 1200 levels on now! 😋
Robin Bashaw review Robin Bashaw
Until recently my daily bonus could be claimed at 5 pm pst which made it great especially if the bonus was unlimited lives for 12 hours. Now it can't be collected until 11pm and 12 hours of unlimited lives is no bonus at all. I enjoy the challenge and think it makes my attention span better but we need to get bonuses earlier on the west coast
Nancy Cason review Nancy Cason
The game is great, but it's too hard to get coins, lives, or anything else. Some of these levels are pretty hard and there's not enough moves in a level to complete it. I personally cannot afford real money on this game and I cannot get past the level I'm on no matter how many times I play it. I think you could give us some free stuff sometimes!!!
Chrissy Rankin review Chrissy Rankin
I am on level 155 IT'S CRASHING UGH!!!!! $
It's a lot of fun especially if you are a OZ , fan ..A lot of fun facts in the game. .It does crash sometimes which is annoying.OMG , IT KEEPS CRASHING TONIGHT, PLEASE FIX IT.PLEASE FIX MY GAME. .THINK THERE IS TO MUCH GOING ON..EVERY TIME THE LION COMES OUT TO GROWL IT CRASHES
Violet Ruthless review Violet Ruthless
Game stuck on blue screen after zynga loading. Can hear toto barking but game is not playable. Can't report in game issues if game won't load. I seriously enjoy this game and would love to play it. Hoping issue will be fixed soon. I have uninstalled and installed several times.
Amy Tipping review Amy Tipping
Good game
Problem I had with not getting daily rewards has been sorted and I very much enjoy this game. Adjusted to 5* for fixing the problem as soon as I pointed it out ?
Lynda Vingi review Lynda Vingi
ADDICTIVE! Since I've started playing this game, I haven't had time for my other games! It's fun, addictive, easy to learn, yet very challenging. If I could give it 10 stars, I would! The graphics are amazing and it's super fun learning "rare" facts from the movie!
j Thompson review j Thompson
The witch
The colors are amazing and I can't remember the last time the witch was so challenging! Being able to earn coins is awesome! Not really sure what the medals are for when you beat a level for someone else tho...
I would have rated it a 5 until just a couple of days ago when odd occurrances I have noticed became more frequent. It's programmed not to win until they want you to. I had 17 clouds, only needed 12, and the feature would not activate. Glenda's Magic doesn't seem to carry over from game to game. It seems to reset the magic wand level. Some of the comined special features seem to activate on their own. Very inconsistent. Definitely designed to make money. Almost ready to uninstall. Too rich for me.
Holly Denman review Holly Denman
Zynga has figured out the baby boomer gamers! Old ladies and nostalgia, congratulations! I am an old grandma and cancer patient with lots of time on my hands..this is a trip down memory lane with all the new bells and whistles. Thank you.