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Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to find pros just like you — handymen, personal trainers, DJs and everything in between.

It’s pretty simple. First, you’ll build a profile for your business. Then, start getting matched with customers. You can share tailored price estimates based on the details of each job. If the customer contacts you, that’s your cue to tell them why you’re great and get yourself hired.

Use the app to browse requests, chat with customers, and book appointments anytime, anywhere.

You’re great at what you do. You shouldn’t have to be a marketing expert too. We’re proud to help self-made professionals and small business owners in all 50 states find new customers and grow their businesses.

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Peter Bonnell review Peter Bonnell
Getting errors
Love it when it works, but lately we trying to do quotes I'm getting a message that there's no internet connection when I have a very strong signal, and everything else is working fine.
Kelly Gene Bird review Kelly Gene Bird
Kelly Gene Bird
I have to say that the customer service at Thumbtack is wonderful, i had a problem and Thumbtack immediately took care if the situation, this lets me know that they respect me as a customer and want to help me grow my business. Thank you!
k apps review k apps
As a electrician. Not worth your time and money when you have to pay to ask a question to get a clarification. Then find out latter you just spent 20 dollar's(4 questions) trying to understand what situation you will be working under and understanding their problem. You realized you just bid too low or wasted money and time where its a unreasonable request or people wasting your time/money with non serious post/request.
Bill Green review Bill Green
Great for both users and providers
This is an ingenious platform. Much better than Angie's list, which by the way, is full of fake companies and fake reviews because Angie's list only cares about making money and not protecting both consumers and honest comtractors
Nasir Rasheed review Nasir Rasheed
This pro app robbing people As soon as you send Quet they take money from your account does not matter if you get the job or not I send few quet and I never got hired but they took money from my account Not recommend for handyman or new person like me
Viktor Darcko review Viktor Darcko
Notifies me for every job except the ones I want. Then if one I want finally does come up it tells me "no internet" when I click it. And I'd say about 90% of people looking to hire are just window shopping. They're broke people looking for thousands of dollars worth of work but only willing to spend 100$. It's a joke. Waste of money.
Yuen Yee Richardson review Yuen Yee Richardson
Great platform for musicians
Thumbtack has been a great platform for me connecting with potential music students as well as music gigs. Almost all clients responded and met up with me. Others who didn't read my quote, I simply got a credit refund. The site is very detailed and easy to use. I keep my rate same as the market and got over 40 recurring clients within 6 months. Not sure how thumbtack works for other professionals but I can say it is great for musicians.
Paul Bollman review Paul Bollman
Thumbtack will generate all the leads you can handle. Its up to you to close them. Its been a great service. Very excited
Juan Andres review Juan Andres
Thumtack it use to be a good app but it change to much couple days ago! Each quote its really expensive right no! My account its saying they charge $103 for only 5 days, and eit win 0 jobs I am loosing money for this app rith now, I hope they change it like it use to be! And I hope I can get a refund!
Its a scam mostly. You pay to bid on leads, but you dont know if the "customer" on the other end is acually an authentic potential customer, or just a bot generated customer by thumbtack to trick you and suck your money. I've tried it and have not scored any new clients, let alone heard back from any. Seems like BS to me. I've paid plenty and seen no results. BEWARE
A Google User review A Google User
Nao consigo acessar meus requerimentos nada... por favor resolver isso..
C Kuiper review C Kuiper
Good. Convenient.
It took me a little while to Learn to like but it is convenient. I was able to discontinue the too many emails to count from the former system (I do a variety of work). It still needs updating and refining but is still fairly new: some craving - prob my phone in part as well. 1. Needs to be able to recover an accidental deletion (it happens in the field). 2. It takes a long time to load. I'll update more when I can - off to be the wizard!
Matthew Miller review Matthew Miller
Just an OK app. Something to note. If your add is not real or your not serious please consider not posting. The pro has to pay to bid and it's not cheap. Once the bid is viewed the pro loses the bid cost. Extremely upsetting when 90% of ppl don't ask questions, negotiate or respond to kind suggestions. The app needs to base it's income on jobs hired. I have not figure how the bid cost structure works. Paying much more to bid on other items that bring in less money. Finally, sending a bid that cost money when someone has questions about the job. A dialogue should start the bid process and then a total submitted after all information is available.
Fancy Brooms review Fancy Brooms
Cleaning Business
We have been using Thumbtacks for a year and a half. It has boosted our company's revenue up to 80%. Sometimes bidding can be a little tricky but if you have great reviews, 90% of the time, you'll get hired. I give Thumbtacks a rating of 5 stars. Perseverance is key to success in business.
Nicole McNally review Nicole McNally
I used to like the app but it's been updated a number of times. With the latest update, potential clients are sending requests for service and I can't see what date they are requesting. A glitch or oversight with newest version but it's a huge issue for pros to not know what their clients are asking for. And if I ask them and they answer me, Thumbtack charges me.. for gathering information I should have already been given...