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Demi J review Demi J
Yesterday I was obsessed with it and suddenly this weird update came I don't know how to search names of my friends and all my musically sound has slowed down so now all my best musically are out of time. I'm really upset about this, wouldn't recommend
Justus Lynn review Justus Lynn
I use to be able to make musical.lys perfectly fine with the angles or what ever but I don't know why but u updated and now whenever I make a its always upside down. So now if I put it sideways - upside down ? & also when im in the middle of the screen im on the left when its done. This is really annoying because now im always upside down or on the side of the screen i don't want to be on. ? Is there something im doing wrong or something? If so please help me. Also I don't like how if u uninstall then re-get it all your privates are gone and I find that really stupid. Please make it so you always have privates .
It s bad why can you put all ages
Kay-Kay Everything review Kay-Kay Everything
I live this app so much!! It is so fun whenever my friends come over and we all make musical.lys! There are so many songs and it is a safe app. It allows you to turn your account private so only friend can see it, too. Although there has been a slight problem where itcfreezes up a little and lags. But idk if that is just my phone or the app.
It is amazing and the best to show of some of you skills, but androids are not able to put emojis in the videos but Apple phone are allowed to have it and I think that has to change.
Scotty Liebe review Scotty Liebe
Love it
This is the beast that ever happen to me it is all the rade these days it is the beast
Kari Sowell review Kari Sowell
I love it! It's fun to do the comedy and songs. My only complaint is that right now it won't let me update it so I can do split screen and multiple screens. Is it not available for Android phones or is there something I'm doing wrong? If you would respond to thisn or answer my question, that would make my day! Thank you
MUSICAL.LY YOU NEED TO READ THESE REVIEWS!! is an amazing app and I am always on it 24/7! But everyone has the same problems with android phones.Yes this is happening to me as well! Everyday I look at play store reviews on and all I see is the same problems again and again. MUSICAL.LY YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Apple products are allowed face filters,reverse button,transitions at perfect timing AND ANDROID ARE NOT!! Please can you read these reviews and at least help and it will make an amazing app! Thank you for reading this?
Yosef Cruz review Yosef Cruz
Thank You Very Much
Unlike snapchat, you updated it like apple. So thankful. But now im bored with the app alittle. Pls add more stuff in the next update. Also, it lags a little and very slow. Pls fix and ill give five stars.
Kaena Edrei review Kaena Edrei
This app is great, But I would like it better if TSamsung got the same update as the apple devices. What im saying is Like The really Good Slomo and the cool effects! I would love if that feature is on Samsung devices. Im sure alot of you guys agree.
Kyle review Kyle
The Update Logged Me Out Of My Account , I've Email About It But Have Not Yet Gotten A Response . I'm Not Able To Get Back In , And I'm Very Angry About It . ?
Freddie Hardy review Freddie Hardy
The best game ever
Courtney's Channel review Courtney's Channel
It's AWESOME I LOVE IT will it's very attractive and addictive and and there are some things I would like to ask for well I would love that if they let all of the phones have the thing were that fast to slow motion with no hands and like u know Instagram likes u don't have to logout to another account just like u know what click on the other account and plzz let all kinds of phones have this ?? plzs respond and tell me what you think? Plzs its UNFAIR that iphone s get more than any of us I just updated nothing different I really want the slomo without to press and just plzs make this equal so u wouldn't have any mad stuff just plzs make us more happy
A Google user review A Google user
I don't like the new update apart from the effects its all pixeled and its bad quality for android the musicallys are really glitchy and you can't do transitions as well as you used to be able to and it doesnt let you pick a surten song since i live in nz it says sorry thus song is not available in your country so please change it back to the old update
Its great but its not fair that iphones get better quality then us what im trying to say is that iphones and androids should all have the same things in musically. Like the no hand slowmotion, snapchat faces, and also the emojis that you can add in the musically. But LOVE the app???PLEASE can musically add this to the androids in the next update???

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