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Erik Zuniga review Erik Zuniga
Liking it
Travis Francoeur review Travis Francoeur
Stops working
Everything is great. But every so often it stops working and freezes. Sometimes it won't open and I have to force close it and then reopen it. Fix that and definitely 5 stars.
Abhilash Gosavi review Abhilash Gosavi
I can't update my latest pictures from Facebook
Angelo Castiglione review Angelo Castiglione
GPS Requests!
The GPS requests are driving me [email protected]$king insane! Get rid of the constant requests ASAP!
Iraj Farshchian review Iraj Farshchian
I am having problems with it, and cannot get any help.
Da c review Da c
Didn't work
With the update it just say "finding for people" for hours!
Will Porter review Will Porter
Doesnt work
Eric Fahrenthold review Eric Fahrenthold
Hail Satan.
Allah Hu akbar.
Brian el Fuerte review Brian el Fuerte
Keeps asking, 6 times, to turn on my wifi... Doesn't open half the time. Very buggy.
Darryl Bodnarchuk review Darryl Bodnarchuk
Cannot upload pics still?????
Ornella Barbato review Ornella Barbato
The only complaint I have is repeats. I get a lot of the same people even though I swiped left. Is it because they liked me so they get thrown at me again even though I did not? If you could fix just that, it would be great :)
Trayveon Mcdaniel review Trayveon Mcdaniel
2nd Update still didn't fix photo issue!
If this app was a tinder profile, I'd swipe left on it, and the following 10 profiles, just to be safe. Photo upload still not working. Note4
Erick H review Erick H
Nothing but spam
Fake spam accounts galore. Good job folks
chris phillips review chris phillips
Nothing but spam
Mariusz Kitel review Mariusz Kitel
can't log in