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Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure
Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 1Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 2Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 3Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 4Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 5Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 6Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 7Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 8Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 9Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 10Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 11Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 12Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 13Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 14Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 15Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 16Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 17Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 18Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 19Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 20Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure screenshot 21
You're cast away on a TROPICAL ISLAND. Become the leader of SURVIVORS in this lost PARADISE. Take them on an ADVENTURE of a lifetime - build a base, explore mysteries or forage treasures. Learn the art of crafting, foraging and exploring but keep in mind, there is never an idle moment in the everyday lives of the survivors.

⚓ ⚓ ⚓
FIGHT vicious enemies, tame savage beasts, kindle romance and solve RIDDLES. When the island SPEAKS to you, will you answer?

➾ Lead a band of island survivors using simple swipes
➾ Choose your own adventure and try to survive
➾ Explore a huge lush world
➾ Experience a talking island
➾ Fight many dangers that lurk behind every bush
➾ Forage resources to survive
➾ Build a base and upgrade structures
➾ Match, stack and collect flowers in a cool mini game
➾ Craft weapons and tools
➾ Discover a gripping storyline
➾ Uncover the terrible secret of Tinker Island

Three survivors find themselves shipwrecked and lost, not by choice, on what is believed to be a tropical deserted island. As they start exploring and discovering Tinker Island, they find great treasures, forage resources, build buildings and items that they need to gather, craft, build or harvest to protect themselves against the unfamiliar environment and the dangerous episodes awaiting them. A normal guy, a tourist onboard a ship, is forced to become a forager, a fighter, a true hero in this mini world adventure game. Find mysterious ancient villages and buildings, left behind by either wayward settlers or scum, discover an unknown civilization, uncover steampunk contraptions, covered with rust and almost unidentifiable. Not only is there no wifi in the caves on the islands, the whole thing is nowifi.

As you progress and craft the needed tools, you slowly uncover the map, the monument, valley, the stars, the mountain and the treasures of the islands. If things don't pan out, retry. And then retry again. One hour, one life, yolo. There is plenty of wit and humor in the narrative, where you have to make the correct choices to progress through the story. Gather the needed resources to upgrade your buildings and unlock new areas and even new islands. Some are deserted islands, some are tiny islands with mysterious pasts, you may even come upon a Kraken. Maybe build a colony, a whole civilization in the rim of the world, but most of all, survive and complete the quests.

If you enjoy adventure games, survival games or even board games, this is definitely a game worth giving a go. It's a real treasure.

☠ WARNING! No wifi on the island. You're on your own!

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PLEASE NOTE! Tinker Island is free to play, however, some additional items can be purchased for real money or through special offers. If you don't wish to use this feature, please adjust your device's settings. By installing this game you agree to Terms of Service published here: https://www.trickytribe.com/terms-of-use/

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Brydie Bray review Brydie Bray
This game would be fun if it was not shuttered behind such an enormous and ridiculous pay wall. It's actually made the game unplayable. If you made it more reasonable I am sure you would get more people playing.. I for one am not against minor pay walls.. but as soon as I see a company like yours trying to bend people over a barrel without lube, the furthest thing from my mind, is giving you ANY of my money. Good job ruining a potentially really cool game. I don't mind waiting, or overpowered things costing RL money... but literally EVERYTHING is 300 gems or more... oh you earned level 12 in the flower minigame! You can swap a piece out! Oh wait... you need hundreds of gems for ONE GODDAMN USE. GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY
Dante x review Dante x
Fun, but...
Once a few hours into the game the waiting times are really big and is all about spending that gems. I don't mind spending a bit ($5 to $10 for mobile games) but this game has no permanent buffs after spending. Game would be better if the steam engine could also be powered with wood instead of gems=real money....
Vakare Rutkauskaite review Vakare Rutkauskaite
It was a great game until today. I don't know what happened but when I launched the game loading screen was completely black and later all of the letters were turned into blocks. Also all numbers disappeared, like the timers for tasks or how much needs to be done. Honestly if it wasn't for this issue I'd most likely give 5 stars.
Jazz Goodwin review Jazz Goodwin
Great game but
Super buggy...almost every time I explore an area, like the thicket, I get an item but when I come back the item disappears or switches with another one, so I have to explore it again. Also sometimes I'll come back to the game and my survivors would be in the camp even though I sent them out to explore and the time shouldn't be up yet. But other than that, this game is amazing and a great time killer.
Faiz Azman review Faiz Azman
Crash starting Garden
App crashes every time when trying to do the Garden minigame. I'm on Lenovo P90. Because of this I will probably can't finish the Winter event!
Alex Koay review Alex Koay
Uninstall to win, the only way is not to play
I liked the graphics and the narrative isn't bad BUT the money-asking portion was just too in your face. Survivor faints? Oh don't worry, the timer takes longer the more people faint, watch more ads please! Heal them instead? Haha, thought of that too! The cost of medicine every time you create it. Don't get me started on how an animal attacks all survivors at the same time, how does that even work? The only way to win is really to not play.
Craig Raeside review Craig Raeside
Absolute shambles.
The xmas event has just been bug after bug. The latest botched update just robbed me of half my buildings while having me locked out of the event after the previous update locked me out and the update before that reduced my survivors health to near nothing. All while I'm supposed to complete the event in a time limit? Absolutely pathetic. Stinker Island.
Reavis review Reavis
At yes first great but...
When I started out in this game it was truly amazing, one of the best games I've played. But I have been searching a place for a craft item I need, and it has failed to find it 32 times so far. I have found everything else there so please help!! And thanks
Colby Stoner review Colby Stoner
Update didn't fix anything! I upgraded my fire pit and now I have no upgrades for any of the structures. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to see if that would fix it and nothing!
Fake. Name review Fake. Name
Super fun idea
Love the idea hate the execution. When your game almost requires premium in game money it doesn't make me want to give you the money I worked hard for, it makes me want to delete and forget about your game. Which is what I have now done. Let me know if you can cool it with the gems and I'll gladly pick up your game again.
Desiree Spring review Desiree Spring
New update bug
Christmas update has caused a bug in the tinker garden mini game please fix
Sphlinx review Sphlinx
Like this game kind of entertaining but it takes too much time when doing some activities. Also please fix the issue about the activity time bar coz sometimes even when its done and I click 'free' it doesnt do its thing, I have to exit the game and open it again which is kinda frustrating
Tyler Wile review Tyler Wile
Love it
Fun and super fun. Fantastic game
Regis Fulminata review Regis Fulminata
To be completely honest, I think this game is amazing. The only problems I have are 2 minor things: 1) The connect to facebook feature which doesn't allow me to overwrite the old save file on my own, which caused my game to revert back to the beginning... and 2) the pay-to-own survivors that cost either real money or an astronomical amount of gems... Other than that I really do love this game hahaha
Shaun Tan review Shaun Tan
It's ok
But for some reason keeps backtracking a few minutes. My labour also takes forever to update