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Touchscreen Repair
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The touchscreen of any device deteriorates with use. As a result you experience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreen stops responding. Touchscreen repair app analyzes your touchscreen response time and reduces it so that you can have a smoother experience with your touchscreen.

-> Repairs your touchscreen by removing touch lags and improving your touchscreen responsiveness.
-> Makes it easier for you to type on your keypad.
-> Reduces touchscreen response time.
-> Easy and quick process.
-> Light weight apk. No unwanted graphics.

Touchscreen repair takes 4 response time values from 4 parts of your touchscreen. 3 such samples are taken for better accuracy. Based on these values, the app calculates a reduced, uniform response time and applies it for the touchscreen on software side.
This is how the app repairs your touchscreen.

Checkout this youtube video on how to use the app :

If you only want to calibrate your touchscreen without effecting the response time values, you can use the Touchscreen Calibration app:

Touchscreen Repair APK reviews

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arnego2 review arnego2
Response became better although affected areas are still not 100%
Siddarth Krishna review Siddarth Krishna
Great..but is there any way to solve ghost touches? But one a whole...loved the app
Cza-csa Caday review Cza-csa Caday
Woooh it really helps
Diyan Rochman Hakim review Diyan Rochman Hakim
It really works
star buks review star buks
It increases the touch speed
nuvula ashok review nuvula ashok
Md Zack review Md Zack
Very good, keep hard work.
Nathan Tomkinson review Nathan Tomkinson
Great app! Snapchat drawing was made extremely hard and now the screen responds perfectly to my finger. Would recommend 100%!
Rulers Are Great review Rulers Are Great
I thought I needed a brand new phone! But, until this app, You guys are great! I will be donating :)
Pankaj Joshi review Pankaj Joshi
Its so easy to type now
Good App ......
Alex James Suarez review Alex James Suarez
Cool !
100% reliable.
Sujeet Kumar review Sujeet Kumar
muhammad dody fadjrin review muhammad dody fadjrin
Sangat suka
Aku suka sekali
Ryan De Guzman review Ryan De Guzman
Im very greatfull for the result... thanks for this app.. thumbs up.