Traffic Cop Simulator 3D APK

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D
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Traffic Cop Simulator 3D - the Best Simulator of Police Traffic Officer!

Try on the role of the traffic policeman! Stop the drivers and traffic offenders, write out fines, go to the hot pursuits and chases, but do not forget to do other common chores that traffic cop are used to handle every day.

Improve your character and raise it to the best rank! Like any traffic policeman you have two ways: legal and illegal ones. It is possible to strictly penalize offenders who fail to comply with traffic rules, so at the next inspection your work will be evaluated by the authorities and your status will be improved. Also you can cheat a little and begin to take bribes. Only you can decide which way to go: the right and long, or dishonest, but fast.

- Exciting police chases for traffic offenders
- More than 14 traffic police cars, including Soviet and foreign cars
- Ranks system: go through the way from private to police marshal
- Discover the life of traffic policeman within: get paid, get ready for the inspection of the authorities
- Three types of the vehicle control
- Day and night game modes
- Weather changes: check your skill in the summer on the hot highway, and in the winter on a snowy road
- Full realism of the traffic police crew - from the headlamps of car to the police siren
- Free choice of traffic cop shapes: from the usual summer to winter camouflage
- Unique patrol mode. Go to the open world, watch the streets and catch offenders
- Advanced Artificial Intelligence System: call on the incident in the patrol mode, live mate, fuel consumption in real-time
- Realistic physics engine: damage system of your patrol car, speedometer and refueling control

Love the hot police pursuits and chases? Always wanted to take a role of Traffic policeman? Then Traffic Cop Simulator 3D - your choice!

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D APK reviews

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Landon Rodenhofer review Landon Rodenhofer
Difficult to control the car
Game sucks. The car is too difficult to control.
Michelle Seagraves review Michelle Seagraves
Love it
U r also supit okk try some one give 1 star what r u doing i do no and i say who is the founder of this game here after don't ask to any one give a rateus okk not understand means u r mental okk please i tell all of them don't download the game
Aditya safcori edman review Aditya safcori edman
Too much ads, stupid control, bad song. This game have much potential
Hunter Hampton review Hunter Hampton
Don't let the reviews fool you. The controls aren't any good and this game just doesn't make any sense.
Wade Drake review Wade Drake
Over and over again using a alcatel smart phone it was playing fine i was really enjoying then it kicks me out. Un installed until response n bug fixed
Lol pointless like a broken pencil good one that made my day but seriusly don not install buyers beware
Richard Scott review Richard Scott
More languages
Plz add more languages to game cos' i cannot understand Russian Language
Deputy Michael review Deputy Michael
To all the people saying it runs bad for them, just go to options and turn on low detail.
Kelvin Montalvo review Kelvin Montalvo
Great game , but I wish you can get out of the car while on patrol
the cousins zomdie NOOBS review the cousins zomdie NOOBS
Thiisss is horrible bad controlls,wayyyy to many ads,andddbad graphics
Ethline Belus review Ethline Belus
So awsome you get to pull pepole over its so coool and your a cop
Ash James review Ash James
Police Sim report
I love this game because it is one of the best games I have ever played
Curtis Cnog review Curtis Cnog
Awesome! I played a few hours and bought Ad-free. Best spend money of the week. Nice controls, nice physics, nice graphics. I could imaging you will create a multi job simulator city. Make a game like this and add more simulation careers. Feedback: Mirrors for cockpit-view, pls. This would help with pursuit. I wish the handbrake would be further right. Hard to reach on tablet. Missing the Motorcycle sound. Missing car engine sound while driving backwards. The Christmas background music is terrible, I switched it off. I would like to stop motorcycles and passants as well :-)
William the Legend review William the Legend
Great game. Brings back a lot of memories after 7 years in Moscow. Already a Colonel, can't wait to reach the final rank. Too many ads, however, this is how the developer makes profit, please don't hate on the game. :)