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Transparent Screen is an excellent and amazing app that will help you to apply Transparent Live Wallpaper to your screen. It will show your background screen from back camera and make your device as Transparent Screen. Absolutely Transparent Wallpaper will give you entire new user experience.

You can use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen. Use your phone when your are walking, talking, texting, and much more. You can see anything behind your phone or tablet.

Download this free Transparent Screen App, make fun and Enjoy.

Transparent Screen APK reviews

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V1RTU4LN1NJ4 review V1RTU4LN1NJ4
It kinda messed with your phone and makes it go all slow and unresponsive when you try to use this and facebook messenger but other than that it's amazing
Gabe Portillo review Gabe Portillo
To be honest
Honestly I like these backgrounds I gave it a four star because it drains battery but personally I think it's kinda a cool Concept now if it had a record button so that you could video in secret that would be great
Karol lp review Karol lp
Tons of adds. Asks for 5 atars right on the start. The refresh rate is much, much slower than in the camera app.
Bryson video gamer review Bryson video gamer
I can't belive it worked
This is amazing I downloaded it to test it and it worked guys this is true if you have an Android get this
Doesn't work keeps saying set transparent screen, Then loads up adds just to repeat set screen again, Then the screen wasn't transparent at all just black.
Jim Boy review Jim Boy
It is not like the photos but if you have a good camera and phone it is really cool and fun to do
Anna Mich review Anna Mich
Boring that's what I think just plain boring takes to much battery also?!!!
Gershon Hutchinson review Gershon Hutchinson
Hand not visible like in picture
Hand not visible like in picture above, too many ads poping up.
Kyle Garcia review Kyle Garcia
Love it
Very cool
Mr Online review Mr Online
Cool but
Can you add restore button? To restore previous wallpaper
JPR vinayagam review JPR vinayagam
Super !!!
Ya its working .
honqudus Reebok123 review honqudus Reebok123
Best Q
Very nice and cool
Hellesene Christians review Hellesene Christians
You are vere good
Good man
Fox Black review Fox Black
Too good!
I've been using this for a momth and it's amazing, my phone has never been so transparent!! I actually lost my phone for a week becuase it was very transparent, I left it in the fridge in front of the eggs and I nearly had scrambled S7 for breakfast until I finally realised my phones wasn't an egg! Definitely worth the download just don't put your phone down:)
First rate it a star so you can get this over second take a pic of anything on the app third it will be in progress when it says take another pic or if you see it go to your home screen. It will be transperent F.Y.I. im a 10 year old and I know these things you dont :-)