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Batten down the hatches! We're diving into the challenging sea adventure!
Be careful! You will find many obstacles on the way: greedy pirates and sweet-voiced sirens, the bloodthirsty Kraken and a cunning witch.
You'll see sunken ancient cities and galleons with holds full of gold.
Pimp your submarine and set off on a journey. Incredible adventures and greatest discoveries are waiting for you.
Enjoying fantastic sea views, don't forget about the purpose of your trip: explore new locations, find a book of magical recipes, gather together all the parts of the old map and save Captain Jack from the terrible curse.
Feel like a fearless explorer of the sea depths!

Game features:
- Over 30 exciting expeditions to complete
- Over 100 unique artifacts to discover
- Over 25 different buildings to build
- Over 50 exotic marine inhabitants
- Awesome colorful graphics
- Varied gameplay experiences
- Endless sandbox gameplay

800x480 or higher resolution is required.
You may need to download nearly 70MB when you first start the game.

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BL Roby review BL Roby
Love/Hate the game/developers
Love the game, HATE the developers. Helps to have FB friends, that also play the game. Very addictive I've had a problem in game since July 30th, developers take days to weeks to answer messages. Never have I gotten a response to any emails, I've sent through company Web site. I'll give them back the 5 star rating whenever they fix my problem. More interested in you buying things for the game then fixing issues. Drop rates sux.
Savvy Prabhat review Savvy Prabhat
In second stage of the Marathon I am caring for the orange, pomegranate and banana trees not a single mad plant is appearing. What is the problem?
Cassandra LaFave review Cassandra LaFave
Good way to pass the time
There's always a bunch of quests so you never get bored
Calan Lopinto review Calan Lopinto
How come u never get the free gem when downloading the different app it like own me over 50gem tell me play till at less level 3 on this one game for 12 gem I now on level 10 didn't get shit I hope the sleep well at nite know they rip u off f this game
Sam Biffin review Sam Biffin
Awesome game very addictive. Big time user. Only problem is can waste to much time
Anthony Garnica review Anthony Garnica
Its really fun. If you dont have patience than this game isnt for you. But this game is worth it. Its so fun beating up the octopus and sharks. So please try it out
Mystik Lee review Mystik Lee
It's a fun game to play but when you have technical issues involving in app purchases they don't respond to the email address listed on their Google play page. Unfortunately, now I have to go through Google play to get my money refunded. I figure 2 attempts is enough to get a response.
Allyson Towle review Allyson Towle
Treasure blocked by Whale's Cave
I cannot complete the (Hard Task?) quest without it, have opened the Water Area 3 separate times, please fix! extremely frustrating...
Please Help
I updated the game app. Now the icon is blank & says application is not installed . I have to go to Google Play and access the game through installed apps,it is then glitchy and makes everything run slow. please help...Thank you
Catherine Smith review Catherine Smith
I absolutely love this game but it needs to have more updates!!! I hate having to wait for weeks to do another quest. NEED MORE QUESTS!!!!!!!
Taryn Clatterbuck review Taryn Clatterbuck
Decent game
It would be better if you didn't get so many tasks at once and the oxygen didn't take so long to replenish.
Billy Reeves review Billy Reeves
Awesome game
It has several different levels to complete but I've only been playing for about a month though. Fun game I find myself checking it multiple times a day.
Angela Richardson review Angela Richardson
Pretty Okay
Had a detailed review but it deleted it so download it. Make your own judgement. Not ideal for, but does work with complications on, cell phones and kindles.
Carolyn Possamai review Carolyn Possamai
So far so good need to keep growing plants for bubbles to upkeep energy, dont let your crops wither!
Audrey Todd review Audrey Todd
Fun game. Always changing and never boring.