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Trench Assault
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Become a commander of British troops and assault German trenches in World War 1 game!

- Units: private, officer, flamethrower, sniper and machine gunner(more soon)
- Support: artillery, gas masks (more soon)
- Trench warfare
- Gas attacks
- Bunkers
- German snipers and machine gunners

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Dusan Cubik

Trench Assault APK reviews

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Barno Greyling review Barno Greyling
Thanks for fixing the resolution, perfect.
Other tips. Building or capturing their artillery or bunkers to attack them, make larger maps, more expensive units like medics, trench upgraders, trench makers and gas attack unit. Making a premium version which includes all of these tips and more with no ads. I will buy a premium version. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!
jonathan linkan review jonathan linkan
I like the game but
Heres the thing about this game. I love the game and i hope they can add soon multiplayer but it depends how they do it. But i have an issue on the mission though when i play and finish mission 46. The mission just doesnt have a pop up window such as mission completed. The mission stays like it is not done yet. Thats why i give a four star as it is a great game but still has a error though which i hope they fix the problem.
Ryan Lee review Ryan Lee
Great game
Good, fun little game I can play whenever I want. It would be great if there were new troops, levels, factions like different countries and upgrade system. It would be cool if there was an endless mode where there are an endless amount of trenches you have to advance through. Great game and keep up the good work devs.
Hi- default review Hi- default
They spam infantry which is to much to handle! and have somewhat more accurate of artillery!
Project Thor review Project Thor
Great game
A bit repetitive and lack of advancing features
BenJamn Campbell review BenJamn Campbell
Addiction at it's finest.
So fun. At least try it out if you have time to kill and like WW1 stuff.
Mishka Tvorzky review Mishka Tvorzky
Huge Potential!
4 stars leaves room for improvement. Great execution of the concept & kudos for the realistic-looking troops. Don't rush yourself, but there are a TON of things you can do with this game, let's see some different wars once you get the troops & terrain figured out, North vs South, Redcoats vs Patriots, the first hand grenades, the switch from musket to rifle... keep this game alive & continue updating!
maddox Taunton review maddox Taunton
One Problem
Sometimes, troops just stand there in the middle of the battlefield mine and the enemies please fix this bug soon otherwise, this is an amazing game. [UPDATE] I also had a problem where the game froze and the ground, icons, and most of the troops were white squares please find the source of the problem. Could you add the stormtrooper its own icon at the top instead of the snipers? Like the mounted machine gun icon you tap to buy it. Add aircrafts and submarines with aquatic missions.
Elopeous review Elopeous
Great new update but.......
Level 32 trench holdout is impossible, there are too many waves crashing onto that last trench that my max reinforced soldiers die easily. Please decrease the difficulty of the game thanks.
Isaac Notte review Isaac Notte
I saw there was a new defensive mode in the update but I am unable to find it. Overall very good app probs best ww1 game I have played. Including battlefield 1 and Verdun
js88ify review js88ify
Best trench game I've played
When you consider 45 men killed to get your three Tommies to their objectives acceptable, you know it's a realistic WW1 trench simulator.
Clean Toast review Clean Toast
Good game, a few glitches.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the difficulty of this game. However, I keep running into problems of sending my army over the last trench to win, but then nothing happens. A wave of Germans then take the last trench, and I am unable to buy any more troops.
Sang Ah Dionne-Jee review Sang Ah Dionne-Jee
Very good
The flamethrower unit is not very powerful - maybe add health plus bunker destroying ability? Also adding grenades as officer's skill and making artillery separate would be cool.
Austin Schlatter review Austin Schlatter
So I'm having problems with using the gas. Most of the time when I use it, my troops put on their masks for a few seconds and then remove them. Never see any gas. However one time I accidentally used gas at the start of a mission and it seemed to work, only killed one enemy and the gas barely passed the first enemy trench. Seems as though it's unusable at the moment. Good game though. Been playing since like 50k downloads lol
SmallType review SmallType
Cant see
Fix the screen pls make it bit smaller i cant see anything its so bigon my tab i cant buy troops and see some tips on tutorials