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Michael Pilling review Michael Pilling
Good framework but no effective moderation
This app demonstrates the failures of crowd sourcing. Trivial, inane and off topic questions, same question repeated in ten different ways, large assumption that everyone knows the fine details of American life. Use of date formats and imperial measures that only Americans use. You try to contribute questions but they are not rated fast enough to bother producing more. No feedback when you report wrong answers.
Carolyn Nicola review Carolyn Nicola
Trivia Crack Kingdoms
Still too many errors. Incorrect answers, game indicates you have resigned the game when you have not and you lose. You have to wait long periods of time to play waiting for other players. So long their time expires
Himanshu Singh review Himanshu Singh
Answers keep changing :(
Answers keep changing itself during the course of the game. If i report about a wrong answer then the next time they becomea right but after sometime again they become wrong by themselves.. Even repeated questions vary in answers and hence it becomes difficult to choose right answers because right answers become wrong and one of the wrong answers become right
James Pankiewicz review James Pankiewicz
Best Trivia Game
This trivia game is unique in that you can play specific topics of interests you know well. One of my favorite apps.
Antonio Sandoval review Antonio Sandoval
Stop using Facebook
Facebook integration requirements within the game is a total negative. Please offer, at the very least, Google support.
Xan Ashby review Xan Ashby
Some questions arent correct
Its irritating that some of the questions dont have correct answers. Mis-spelling, grammar errors, and just flat out incorrect answers. Its irritating when you correctly answer something and its wrong, or the correct answer isnt even present. Like why play a game when even when youre right, youre wrong?? The concept is fun though, just poorly executed, or not edited thoroughly enough.
Kristian Bixler review Kristian Bixler
Love it but...
I wish we could sign in with a Google + or Gmail account because I don't have Facebook and I would like to make a channel without having to make a Facebook account. Please fix this. Otherwise, this is a great app that I would definitely recommend. ☺️
Rebecca Butler review Rebecca Butler
It was good
But if I were you don't make a game with the random channel because all they talk about is a guy named Daniel and his friends and I have no I idea who this person Daniel is ?
shanda tarter review shanda tarter
Trivia Crack Kingdoms
Fun but wish we could "gift" friends
Connie Higgins review Connie Higgins
Trivia Crack is great but I love Kingdoms so much more! Being able to select your own categories is one of my favorite parts of the game.
Nikolai Swartz review Nikolai Swartz
Love it, but...
Please add in the ability to set question difficulty. One of the boxes has a crystal ball, which says the next question is going to be difficult, yet the question that follows is sometimes incredibly easy. Therefore, when adding a question onto your channel (or suggesting one to another channel), we choose difficulty. And again, when rating a question, allow us to give feedback for how difficult that question was. The question difficulty should be decided on the creator's rating and all the feedback
Taryn Hayhurst review Taryn Hayhurst
Fun and cute
Good questions and quizzes, lots of fun
Sarah Fidler review Sarah Fidler
Fun and addicting!
So many categories to choose from! I only wish there was an ad-free version. I'd pay for no ads ;)
jeamy burner review jeamy burner
I would enjoy a advertisement free one even better