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★★★★★ Take a crack at Google Play’s most downloaded trivia game!

Step up your quiz game answering fun general trivia questions!
Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family to fun trivia questions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivial questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this quiz app.
Show the world how clever you are while you learn new fun and interesting facts with the world’s best trivia app. Be the star of the best game for quizzes!

Test your knowledge in six different categories led by exciting characters. Spin Willy the Wheel and let fate decide where to start your quiz question games.
• Can’t get enough trivia for road trips? Tito will share his world-class Geography knowledge for all your road trip trivia needs. Can you guess which country has a city called Batman?
• Albert is the go to guy when it comes to Science. If you love good trivia questions, he can quiz you on math, chemistry, physics and even technology!
• Hector will defend your honour through the ages. Make your mark in History by overthrowing your opponents in a duel.
• Are you MVP trivia sports material? Bonzo can keep you in shape for the upcoming seasons with Sports trivia!
• Can you tell the difference between a Van Gogh and a Monet? Let Tina test your knowledge of Art.
• Spoiler alert! Pop will keep you up to date with fun trivia questions on anything Entertainment related. Prove your knowledge of the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames, movies and music.

Know any interesting facts? Show other users what you’re made of by creating trivia questions with answers.

Speak multiple languages? Prove your linguistic skills and make the content in your language even richer by translating.

Want fewer easy trivia questions and more challenging questions? You’re the boss! Decide and improve what makes it into the game by rating questions made by other users.

New to the game?
1. Spin the wheel: We’ll quiz you on one of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don't miss your turn!
2. Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.
3. Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs! Get all six characters to win the match!

Other features!
• Need more trivia today? Visit Trivia Rush to place your bet and play with your opponent in a real-time, daily trivia questions challenge. But stick around, there’s Tournaments every week!
• Play Single Player Mode to answer questions non-stop and beat your high-score. No turns, no waits, enjoy trivia of the day at your own pace!
• Win our biggest rewards ever with Missions!
• Go on a Treasure Hunt! Collect answers to progress through the map and dig up amazing prizes!

Spectacular social extras:
• Check your quiz games ranking and see if you can get more correct answers than your friends or see who’s the real family trivia head of the house! Trivia Crack is fun for all ages, with great trivia questions for adults and fun trivia questions for kids!
• Share your progress through social networks.
• Chat with friends, family or random opponents.
• Collect fun character cards and win rewards.

Gain an extra edge with Power Ups
• Use Bombs to remove two incorrect answers.
• Don’t think you’ll get the question right the first time around? Don’t worry, use Double chance to get another go.
• Trivial pursuit questions too difficult? Use Skip to go to the next one.

Download the most popular game for trivia now!

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Trivia Crack APK reviews

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Rebekah Roberts review Rebekah Roberts
Sound Option Failure
I've had all sounds and notifications turned off since I first got this app. Yet, I still get very loud, very disturbing notifications that have nothing to do with me. If your settings are useless, why would I bother keeping this around?
Eddie Vines review Eddie Vines
Great Mind Game!
FYI! not everyone is addicted to Facebook there should be an additional way of connecting with friends and family in order to play this game other than Facebook.
Kimberley O'Donnell review Kimberley O'Donnell
Enjoying it. Do get questions for my country but still too many Amerivan ones and most of the entertainment qus seem very recent.
pksandvks24 review pksandvks24
Random feature sucks
It's good but the random feature needs to link you against someone who it's playing now, not someone who has 2 days to play
Erica faye Barriatos review Erica faye Barriatos
It's fun to play
I'm enjoying the game but most of the questions are really hard. Even i am in high school i'm having a hard time.
Thadra D review Thadra D
The game is extremely fun but would be so much better if there wasn't a limit on lives. Maybe a limit on how many games you can have open but the whole lives thing is stupid.
Renea Dreese review Renea Dreese
Well, I think some of the questions aren't complicated enough. Very fun game though, just wish it was a bit more challenging
Harold Weaver review Harold Weaver
Good entertainment value
Good categories with questions that vary decently without a clear degree of difficulty. The questions are submitted by players from broad educational backgrounds. Some questions seem to offer more of a challenge than others as you progress through levels.
Tim Anderson review Tim Anderson
Fun game
Took a little while to figure out how to play against someone, but fun once I figured it out
James Oden review James Oden
This is a very fun game to play. And you get to choose your Facebook friends and go from there. Good trivia questions they ask. Wonderful
Jake Longworth review Jake Longworth
Great game but don't rate higher until my questions stop getting rejected, I've only suggested ones that I've never seen before but apparently they have been repeated
Sil Nessa review Sil Nessa
Cool and fun, but...
I love playing the game but I wish they had a better filtering system for repeat questions. Gameplay is cute and I enjoy the animations.
DT Andersen review DT Andersen
Fun format, easy questions
I am crushing the questions in this game. Get some real research staff in to build content instead of this wiki quiz approach is my feedback
DKeelvtian38 review DKeelvtian38
Interesting but grindy
It's a fun app if you have plenty of people to play with. There's even a random opponent button if you don't have any friends. However, if you only want to play against people you know in real life like I do then you'd better have at least 3 friends who want to play with you regularly. I am just playing the free version so I get to see adds everytime I get an answer wrong. Cool questions, but no clear goal for me to achieve over the long run. Because of that I won't be play much of this anymore.
Jacquie Lee review Jacquie Lee
Totally hooked!
This game is so addictive, with just the right mix of easy confidence boosting questions and more challenging queries. I've already got two colleagues addicted!