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▶▶ Affirm emphatically, 'TunesHolic' is the best rhythm action game. ◀◀

The best realtime rhythm action game with your favorite songs!

Here is just the world of rhythm games that you have never imagine.
We recommend that you experience it now.

√ Features
- This app includes the five exciting and entertaining rhythmic musics.
- You could play the rhythm game with your own songs.
(mp3, mp4, acc, wav, mp1, mp2, m4a, 3g2, 3gp, etc...)
- This app provides you a note of accurate beat and good feeling hit.
- This app provides you only real-time automatic note-analysis in the world.
- Various rewards system and SNS interlocking. (Facebook, Twitter, KakaoTalk, etc)

√ Various Options
- Portrait mode / Landscape mode.
- 6 kinds of line mode : 3 lines ~ 8 lines.
- 10 Step of Speed.
- 4 levels of difficulty : Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme.
- Long-note / Slide-note / Double-note options.
- By various items, you can enjoy the game even more fun.

√ Character system
- 12 characters are ready.
- You can choose one character for free.
- You can get more characters using coins or jewels, then grow your characters level.
- You can get more points if you have many characters.

√ Ranking system
- Ranking by each Line/Period/Country/Playback duration/Level.
- Ranking of Game Center.
- Weekly ranking of Facebook friends.

TunesHolic APK reviews

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Ewa K review Ewa K
I don't like that conis limits my own music
Need to buy coins to load my own music :/
A Google user review A Google user
The most interactive game my I've downloaded in a long time. I can't stop playing this damn game!! Its got me walking into street light and poles on a total tunnel just tryna beat my own high scores. #legit
Arushi Chakraborty review Arushi Chakraborty
I love this game, it's really accurate in generating beats! But it would be nice if the game's UI became a little cleaner. It seems too cluttered...please see what u can do... otherwise, it's simply an amazing game!
Nairyn Cos review Nairyn Cos
Love the game, glitches sometimes but barely. Best rhythm game I have played on phone. I like that you have to do mission like things to be able to do more songs, keeps up the interest in the game and makes you play more. Very addictive
yokedmonster review yokedmonster
this game is so addicting. I found out recently that just using two thumbs holds you back. the best way to play is by placing the phone or tablet face down and use your index fingers to play, for high speeds and high difficulty
Neil Braginsky review Neil Braginsky
This is actually a decent one. But the only main problem is, it doesn't go along the beat at times. But if they fix that, I'll give it a full blown five stars.
Renan P. Jenie review Renan P. Jenie
Not working with own music. It cut the coin but the song did not run. If it cant play ogg files, say so. :)
Krystal Parsons review Krystal Parsons
This has had me addicted from the day I first downloaded and started playing with it. Definitely the perfect past time for any music lover
Brandon Sturges review Brandon Sturges
Great game. Once in a while it feels like it starts purposely missing notes, but my screen is smaller perhaps than the intended use so I'm sure it's user error ^~^ love it.
Daija Tamia review Daija Tamia
I love this app! Whenever im bored I get on this game & play my favorite songs. I have no complaints, its amazing, I just love it
Timothy Amit review Timothy Amit
Thrilling! This game is so fanatical , it makes me feel addicted anytime i plat this game. More improvements esp. On the graphics
Kim Nayoung review Kim Nayoung
I really love this game... When I got the stress...i will play this game...
joshua lewis review joshua lewis
It really good, will definitely kill a fun way..the only thing I would want improved would be how fast you can stack up on coins...i have 295 songs, that being said more than likely I'll end up obtaining enough through gameplay...yeah it's that fun
Sherri Shirel review Sherri Shirel
Like the game just wish u didn't have to pay to use your own music
Huy Sơn Vũ review Huy Sơn Vũ
Pretty good
The notes the game generated for my songs are pretty accurate, even on faster and harder mode, so I'd give it a 4. The last star will be given depending on the game's future updates. Good updates -> 5 stars. Bad updates -> uh oh the stars aren't shining anymore...