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Turbo Cleaner - Boost, Clean, Space Cleaner
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Has your phone become slow, laggy or out of space?
If so, Turbo Cleaner is just the most trusted app indeed.
Turbo Cleaner, TOP 10 Android optimization tool with junk cleaning and phone boost functions is free and We would like to serve millions of users worldwide. Make phones run smoother than ever, like they're brand new as well.

PHONE BOOSTER (Keep your phone running smooth & fast)
With the unique algorithm technique, Turbo Cleaner can intelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps and disable stealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices. freeing up RAM and speeding up phone. After boosting phone, run a speed test to see how fast it has become:D

Junk Cleaner (JUNK FILES)
With the special cleaning engine, Turbo Cleaner detect and clean junk files including advertisement junk, system junk, photo junk, video junk, cache junk, and residual junk. Turbo Cleaner can help boost and optimize your phone's speed and performance. Absolutely, Laggy issues as well as running slow will be effectively alleviated.

Battery Saver
Turbo Cleaner help with saving better power and extending battery life. Turbo Cleaner can disable unnecessary apps as many as possible, in this way, Turbo Cleaner save the battery.

CPU cooler - Effectively cool down CPU temperature
Is your phone always heated? Turbo Cleaner monitors CPU temperature and detects apps that are overheating. By killing heavy resource consuming apps, you can reduce CPU usage, lag or laggy issues as well.

Easy to Use
Just one tap the boost button to speed up your phone and keep your phone clean and fast.
Turbo Cleaner aims to be the best Android speed booster & junk Turbo Cleaner, if Turbo Cleaner can help you a lot, it would be great.

Turbo Cleaner is compatible with most Android phones and systems, including but not limited to all devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, ZTE and more….

This app uses Accessibility services.
We do not collect user privacy data

If you have any questions about Turbo Cleaner , please email us at:
[email protected]

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Ian Cowle review Ian Cowle
What have you done?
This app worked great on my phone until the recent updates. Now when I press clear all, it clears the first app then reports all cache clear. If I then hit the refresh button the exact same amount of cache used comes up! Might have to look at other cache cleaning apps!! Phone is Xperia Z3.
Tyler Chimenti review Tyler Chimenti
After newer update, it lost all functionality. Looks like it's in the clearing process but when it "finishes" it exits into one of my application screens in phone app list, and then when I hit back to escape, it shows the cache has still not been cleared, and sends me notifications as such.
A Google User review A Google User
Settings gets screwy, with the Pro version of this app installed. Scrolls, uncontrollably, to end/bottom of tabs/menu, after restart. Looks like another user has already reported this issue. Only fix I've discovered, is to open (you don't have to clear the cache) this app after phone restart. Then, settings works properly, until next restart. Big bug needs squashed! ***Non-Pro version seems to work, fine, but is loaded with intrusive ads.***
Gabriel Mesaros review Gabriel Mesaros
Seem to be working well, but... Can the boost animation be changed into something other than a battery consuming bright background with a stilized sperm cell swimming upstream? Can you change it to a charcoal background with a light colored, small font percentage counter and a load bar instead, placed in the middle of the screen? I'm assuming, if you change the boost animation, you should also change the cleaning animation to something that matches.
Serhio ramires review Serhio ramires
При нажатии назад запрашивает подтверждение на выход. Это не удобно.
Почему то надо два раза нажимать на корзину, чтобы очистился кэш одной программы. С первого раза она остается в списке. В остальном реализованно не плохо, просто, понятно. Вроде таких программ достаточно много. Но пользуюсь этой... привык.
Luke Earnshaw review Luke Earnshaw
Usually can't be too fussed leaving a review but as app does so much (cache cleaning, duplicate flies, uninstall etc) so simply it definitely deserves my review.
Lloyd Hernandez review Lloyd Hernandez
Nice apps for boosting your phone and cleaning junk files!! Approved!!
Caprice George review Caprice George
Annoying ads
Used this for a year, then one update a few weeks ago and bloody ads! Was quicker than it is now too! I guess progess has a price.
jmhabo review jmhabo
Doesn't work. Scanned and cleared, exit app, rescan, memory usage is still there. Android Marshmallow
Mehran Rostami review Mehran Rostami
Sumi R. review Sumi R.
Uninstalling due to incredibly annoying update
Used and liked this for years to do quick, fast cache deletes, but as of 5.29.16 the app freezes my Nexus to show a pointless 'window-cleaning' graphic for several minutes at a time while cleaning. Will not let me exit the screen or do anything else while completing. Uninstalling.
Aashvi Morakhiya review Aashvi Morakhiya
Love this app...
Can u plz make this app available in iOS also??? This app is amazingly effective it cleans your phone. It's my request if it would be available on iOS also..
Its awesome
A Google User review A Google User
Please add exit after clear cache option like before
Michael Bardroff review Michael Bardroff
Update so slow
I used this app regularly throughout the day. Fast and worked great. Until.....update came along. Now the cache clear is slow with animation. App does not close after clear like settings say and used too. I want speed not un useful animation. I will give it a week before I delete in case there is improvement.