Turbo Dismount™ APK

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The legendary crash simulator is now on Google Play!

Perform death-defying motor stunts, crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale - and share the fun!

Turbo Dismount™ is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount™.

* Flinch-inducing crash physics
* Crunchy sound effects
* Delicious slow-mo replay system
* Multiple vehicles: cars, trucks, construction vehicles, a skateboard...
* Multiple levels, obstacle types and characters
* Tweak levels to your liking!
* Customize your character and the vehicles with your own photos!
* Game controller support!
* Leaderboards and achievements
* Smooth full resolution 4x MSAA visuals on SHIELD Tablet

Turbo Dismount is the most convincing vehicular personal impact simulation seen on Android!

Follow Mr. Dismount on facebook.com/MrDismount
Follow Secret Exit on Twitter: twitter.com/secretexit

Dismounting (turbocharged or regular) is not to be attempted at home or outside, and should be left to trained professionals. Secret Exit does not recommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3D computer simulations.

Turbo Dismount™ APK reviews

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Hunter Pittman review Hunter Pittman
Good but.....
U should make vehicles be free
Raj Mandara review Raj Mandara
Good amazing phenomenal
kyle Gould review kyle Gould
Amazing game
Could do with more player created maps wich would make it so much more fun and customisable
Jeremy Hedrick review Jeremy Hedrick
Fun game
This is one of the funniest games I've played. They should add more updates.they should add attachments for the characters and to the cars. You need to add more levels and change it to a gas and brake pedal to be able to control it the way you want. It would be cool if you were able to put the person any where. More cars and people. You should add the work shop like on the steam version.
Matthew Marsden review Matthew Marsden
Great game
I can't record but apart from that it's really good. Also I wanted to install it because of DanTDM!! He's my fave youtuber. Bye
Cairan Gentzel review Cairan Gentzel
Most awesome thing ever!!!!!
Get the bike and play on the loop de loop map , change the steering twice and dismount at full speed, you will go out of the boundaries of the map!
G Mann review G Mann
Needs more cars
I'm fine with the characters but I want more cars!
Ragnar558 Gray review Ragnar558 Gray
I ? T.D.
I saw this on YouTube it's amazing!☺?
brody price review brody price
Just needs a few tweaks and such. Also you should make it where you can actually position your character anyway you want, like being able to hang off and stuff
Jonas Yoakley review Jonas Yoakley
I saw jacksepticeye play it on YouTube so cool
Rosemary Bazor review Rosemary Bazor
Update plese
It's good and funny game?
Gabe Wright review Gabe Wright
The game that change my life
It made me want to drive anywere
Nicholas Pulido review Nicholas Pulido
I oayed abd it wont give me my stinking money back
Hector Padilla review Hector Padilla
Good but
Add a make your own course and car itll be better add PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
I really love this game, I just have a few suggestions for the next update; I think it'd be really cool if optional seatbelts were added, customizing your own obstacles and levels would be really awesome as well. Hopefully this gave you some great ideas.