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This is the basic information for application relating to use of TWICE official light stick.
This application enables you to make full use of changing and controlling various lighting colors in interactive way.

 Guide to key functions

1. How to connect (for cheering purpose)
For your fantastic experience, Input your seat number(seat number is supposed to be given) in your light stick before performance begin, the light stick will be interlocked with stage lighting system. (This may not apply in all situations.)

2. Lighting control (The part of this function will be updated later)
By using the latest Bluetooth technology, your TWICE official light stick is directly linked to your smart devices and you can change the colors, brightness and modes as you want through your mobile device.

3. Each members’ images of TWICE as wallpaper
You can create your own application design by simply setting TWICE members’ images as wallpaper.

4. Linkage to TWICE youTube channel
You can enjoy various movies through TWICE youTube channel.


If you have any questions or inconveniences, please do not hesitate to contact us.
E-MAIL : [email protected]
Tel : +82-2-516-6622


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Emily Sofie review Emily Sofie
Candy Bong Connected To App & Need Updates
Wow...this app is really good! Now, my candy bong is connected to the app and I need an updates for the color only....please update the app soon....Thank you ^_^
tan siong review tan siong
Apps didn't show any light adjust
Gabriel Gonzales review Gabriel Gonzales
How to connect the lightstick??
Nom Nom review Nom Nom
Change color
I can't change the color? Pls duh
iamthelei review iamthelei
Candy Bong soon to come, so stoked to use this app!
Sng Kwang Peng review Sng Kwang Peng
Those who are still facing app crash or unable to use the new function please take note... Go to bluetooth setting, unpair the candy bong and repair it again after with ur updated candy bong it shd work... at least for me
Kerwin Liwanag review Kerwin Liwanag
Tried software management option, candy bong turned off, app crashed. Idk which is broken, the app or my phone. Older version of this app worked perfectly fine though. Please help.
Gigi Chung review Gigi Chung
Can't connect
I tried on 2 phones and still cannot connect my lightstick to the app via bluetooth???????
Waun Ting review Waun Ting
Download first before candy bong reach me! LOVE IT
Bruna Matos review Bruna Matos
Love it, but I need the others colors
Nhia Lee review Nhia Lee
xz liu review xz liu
Good light for ONCE, and an okay app for RGB addicts. For an RGB remote control app, it is very lacking in the customization department and is nowhere even near on par with the software for my 14 dollar mouse. But I'm glad to see that they've added more functions with the in-app updates. Also, the design of the light stick is from the TwiceCoaster era, but the app is still only filled with pictures from the Page Two era. So again, very lacking in customizations (still rockin' the Momo skin from 9000 eras ago... You know howit is).
Awesome Jake review Awesome Jake
Why isn't working on my kata i4 phone? The app doesnt open it self so sad i can't use the full function of lightstick please help
laura holmbeck review laura holmbeck
Still connectivity issues with the new galaxy note 8, despite resetting the stick, app & Bluetooth! ?
EM once review EM once
Very easy to use when it came to connecting to my candy bong. But I think it'd be great to have a setting where you could change the theme to any Twice era comebacks.