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Connect authentically with the people who matter the most to you.

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Version 5.9.11
Developer Uchi, LLC
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Requirements 4.4 and up

Uchi 5.9.11 APK description

Uchi is THE place to connect authentically with the people who matter most to you… and in private.

Wouldn’t it be nice, finally, to Share The REAL You? If you’re tired of typical social media and your friends’ “public personas”, the noise, the lame & fake updates and the lack of control and privacy then Uchi is for you.

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Uchi is:

* A new kind of social networking app
* Designed to help you connect with the people you already know and who are most important to you
* Rooted in helping you share YOUR perspective so you can be heard and hear others
* Based on a Question & Answer format where you share your answer to fun & thought-provoking questions
* 100% private. Nothing you contribute is ever posted publicly. ONLY the people in your network have access to your answers.
* Focused on quality and not quantity - your network is limited to 50 people so choose wisely
* All about using the power of the written word to communicate and connect authentically
* Governed by the rule, “You must be a contributor in order to be a consumer”.

Uchi ( /ü-CHē/ ), in Japanese, means “in-group” and in this case your Uchi is your “close network”. It represents your family, friends, teammates, co-workers, etc. As opposed to Soto which means “out-group” and includes acquaintances, customers, strangers, etc.

ANSWER - Uchi’s Q&A platform prompts you with fun, inquisitive and thought-provoking questions so you can share your perspectives about the world. UchiTopics (all free) are composed of 10 questions which you can pick from and answer, or not, in any order you want.

DISCOVER - You may pick a question and think, “I wonder how mom would answer this one?’” or “What did my best friend Sally say?”. Well, if in your Uchi, you’ll have access to Sally’s response, but only AFTER you answer that same question. The rule is your friends’ responses “unlock” only after you share too. Uchi is a “two-way street”.

CONNECT - Connections are made and strengthened when you exchange thoughts, stories, and information that help you truly know others. The more you learn about and share perspectives, the closer and more connected you’ll feel. And genuine connection FEELS ah-mazing! We bet you agree.

Have fun, start answering questions and invite your Uchi today! The more authentic you are and the more you share, the more others will follow your lead.

Welcome to Uchi - Share the REAL you!


Our goal is zero advertising, investors or IPOs because all they’re interested in is money. We created Uchi for you and yours which means we’re counting on you, our Uchi, to help make it the best social platform ever! The more you contribute and take advantage of Uchi the better it will be for everyone.

Submit UchiTopics and create your own sets of 10 questions. Give it a title and your name because you deserve the credit. Your uchiTopic will be publicly available but your answers are still only accessible by your Uchi. We’ll be ranking uchiTopic popularity so make it good and you’ll win a prize! (Note: uchiTopics will soon be an in-app purchase.)

UchiTribe (coming soon) allows you to create a private UchiTopic of 10 questions AND invite up to 10 people (who do not count toward your Uchi). UchiTribe is great for a smaller group to more deeply engage such as your business clients, co-workers, teachers-students, a group you’re counseling, clients/athletes you train or coach, etc. (Note: uchiTribe will soon be an in-app purchase.)

Download Uchi today and experience real connection online and more meaningful relationships offline!

** Uchi is currently available in English only. **

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For more information visit https://UchiConnection.com
Your privacy matters to us: https://UchiConnection.com/privacy-policy
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5.9.11 Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-03-30 (1 month ago)
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