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Matt van Nostrand review Matt van Nostrand
Downloaded to watch some football TUF series. Connection cut out frequently and couldn't watch some episodes due to freezing (connection is fine for other streaming apps). Interface is kind of slow and clunky. Currently trying to cancel subscription, but I can't find the cancel button on any of my devices. The content is great. Edit: The only place to cancel is on the Google Play store app, which is pretty convenient, but not what the website says. Upgraded to 2 stars.
Jor Kei review Jor Kei
I purchased a PPV event through the app and was unable to view it due to problems on their end. When contacted the next day I was sent an email telling me that I was not going to get a refund and that the only way to receive one is to adjust contact them before the end of the fight. Wasted $50 on this and will never buy a UFC PVP event again in my life!
Robert Davis review Robert Davis
Every MMA Fan Should Own This App, Awesome MMA Content Not Just UFC But Other Orgs As Well, Only Con Really Is The Resolution On Smartphones Could Be Sharper When Streaming/Watching Content, Only Goes Up To 800kbps
Bobby DiFazio review Bobby DiFazio
The app is a total bust. I thankfully got my money back from the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. But I dealt with customer service for many emails regarding canceling my subscription. I got charged an extra 2 months of fees that I did not want t pay. I didn't even use the app and I got charged! I was finally able to cancel my subscription. I want my money back please!
Philly D review Philly D
Awesome app, you can see the entire history of the UFC, and heaps of other combat sports! The only thing that annoys me HARDCORE, is that the app gets very laggy when watching videos and also stops casting ramdomly.
Stephen S review Stephen S
Bought the subscription but ended up not been able to view most things due to territory restrictions. Surely you've the rights to show all ufc content. Probably won't renew year sub.
Gary Dickerhoof review Gary Dickerhoof
I purchased 1yr subscription for 6 a month and get charged 100 a week later all the ufc fights are blackouts so it's pointless to have thanks
Would be great if the "local time" feature would recognize the 24h time format.
Good app effective layout with you could download events for later but it is good said is
Joseph Stevenson review Joseph Stevenson
Superb. Except the 'join'
Pedro Pradi review Pedro Pradi
Absolutely everything is blocked out
I'm from Brazil and when I wanna see things about Brazilian fighters this same things are blacked out. It's completely no sense to block out a Brazilian to see Brazilian fighters...
Jeremy D review Jeremy D
App Charged Me UFC PPV 3x!!!
I am giving this app 1 star until they refund my money. Some glitch with the app charged me for 3 different PPVs in a row within seconds. I complained to the credit card company, they reversed the charges, but these guys had the charges put back on. I have to continue to fight to get my $150 back.
Matt Mazar review Matt Mazar
Way to ruin the App... Disappointed!
The new update absolutely sucks way to ruin what was a great app. Now you can't even view the fight cards or anything for any of the fights. Oh wait... yes you can, if you pay for it!?
Andy Mac review Andy Mac
When I turn off all notifications it means I want to TURN OFF ALL NOTIFICATIONS. Fix you're useless app please
Jeff Veeder review Jeff Veeder
Trying to watch any fight on fight pass and an error pops up saying unfortunately ufc has stopped working or whatever. App crashes and reloads. Haven't been able to watch anything on this new update. Really enjoyed this app prior to this update, will be unsubscribing soon if there is no fix for this. Using note 5 edit: tried logging in/out, reinstalling app and allowing app to access calendar and device media and still does the same. Phone is also up to date

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