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Ultimate Alerts Trial v3.0.2 APK latest version info

Offers Free
Version 3.0.2
Developer tkjef
Category Apps, Productivity
ID com.org.imsono.emailnew.trial
Requirements 2.1 and up

Ultimate Alerts Trial v3.0.2 3.0.2 APK description

Fully working trial version. Upgrade to Ultimate Alerts paid version to unlock a few more upgrades.

Custom Email Alerts & Text Alerts using Text To Speech, our sound library, or use your own sounds!
Highly Configurable.

Based on Email Filters & Text Contacts.

App prompts you to install Text To Speech Plugin if not already installed. Just make sure to install it.

And be sure to disable current text and email notifications to avoid duplicate alerts.

Get away from obsessive email and text checking.

If it's important, know who it is and what it's about immediately without touching your phone. Then get to it when you're ready.

If it's not important, you don't need to know about it right away. We swear you don't. Go ahead and try our app. You'll see that this frees up your life.

We've all been obsessively checking pointless messages for too long. PUT A STOP TO IT.

Configure your mobile alert
sounds per Email Contact, per Text Contact,
per Domain Sent From, per any Subject Phrase and more!

Assign each filter with a unique sound setting.

Text To Speech can be set to read the Sender, the Subject, the first 50 words, or any combination of the three.

Use Car Mode to switch everything to Text To Speech while in the car, and all settings return to normal when the car stops.

-Choose to use No Email Filters or No Text Filters. This gives a catch-all sound setting to all emails or texts you receive. Switch back to Use Filters and your old Filters are still saved.

-And a setting for "Set Unassigned Email/Text Contacts to:". This allows you to set blanket settings for all your UNASSIGNED Email or Text Contacts. An easy way to receive all your alerts through the app and just customize a few.

These 2 features make this app able to completely replace your INCOMING email setup.

Keep your regular email app for Outgoing emails, just turn off the notifications for that email app. OR just get to outgoing emails when you're by a computer. This REALLY frees you up.

Using No Filters is good if you have TTS set on some of your settings, and want to switch everything temporarily to a sound from the audio library to be more discreet.

OR just a quick way to switch to hearing all your emails and texts.

Truly the first of any email filter, voice alert, text notifier, text-to-speech or mobile notification app to offer this level of control and configurability. Whatever your mobile alert preferences are this app can accommodate it. If that preference changes it's handled easily. If you want to change it back that's easy, too.

Choose from Text To Speech
OR our library of Sounds
OR upload your own sounds
Unique for each sound setting!

Ultimate Alerts

It's about convenience. Get notified about the emails & texts that are important to YOU. And don't waste precious time on checking the ones that aren't.

Pre-configured smart and easy email setup for Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail & Godaddy custom domain emails.

If not using those email providers just do a search for your email provider's incoming POP3 or IMAP settings. The app is compatible with both mail protocols.

Additional Features:
-Car Mode available (Automatic & Manual) which switches all sound settings to Text To Speech.
-Off-peak time scheduler saves battery.
-Multiple email accounts supported
-Repeat Alert setting
-Clickable links
-Clickable email addresses to easily reply within the app using any email client installed on the phone.
-Silent mode available to just utilize visual notifications for nighttime or meeting mode.
-Easy to use interface.
-Keeps messages until you're ready to clear them turning your emails and texts into a To Do list as well!

Have questions?
email us at yo@tkjef.com

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