Ultrasurf Handler VPN APK

Ultrasurf Handler VPN
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Ultrasurf Handler VPN: first Handler VPN app for Android get FREE internet with one click.

Ultrasurf VPN Features:
- Handler VPN Interface
- Get Free internet
- Get Unlimited internet
- NO Registration
- NO Fees
- Free VPN
- Access all websites and applications without restrictions
- Bypass VOIP : use VOIP service from anywhere
- Accelerate online games: get extremely low latency when playing.
- Grant access to restricted websites at work or at school even behind firewalls
- Assigns your computer a new IP address, hides your real IP to anonymize all web applications.
- Security & anonymity with a secure encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet.
- Protect your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection at home or at public Hotspots.
- Virtual Firewall - Attacks are often directed at a known IP address.
- International Internet Users - ISPs would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a UK,USA IP there are no controls!
- Ultrasurf speed

VPN Handler is free VPN and still FREE always

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