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Get hooked on this brain exercise with more than 16,200 free puzzles!

Unblock Me is a fun and classic addictive puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way with the minimal amount of moves. Unblock Me comes with 5 difficulties of puzzles. There are 16,200 puzzles in total, the highest amount of puzzles you'll find in any logic block game, worth hundreds of hours to keep you challenged and hooked.

With 4 classic game modes in Unblock Me, you can enjoy Unblock Me in many different ways:
Relax Mode: Sit back and take it easy. A smart way to exercise your logic without any pressure. No moves counted. No time limited. A relaxing pastime for everyone, especially for kids
Challenge Mode: See the minimal move for each puzzle and earn up to 3 stars. After completing each puzzle, you can always revisit each one and do better.
Multiplayer Mode: Compete with your friends, family or fellow Unblockers around the world. Try to solve the puzzles as quick as possible to win the match.
Daily Puzzles Mode: The most difficult puzzles you’ll find in any game!! Spice up and get hooked on this new type of puzzle with fixed obstacles and new exits. Get the first 200 initial puzzles for free, then earn a new puzzle everyday.

Unblock Me have been used in many schools to help improve kids with their brain functions in school and in their pastime. Not only for kids, Unblock Me can keep you mentally fit every day. It will improve your cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration and logic reasoning.

Sync progress between devices using the same Google Play service Account
5 Difficulties ranging from Starter Pack, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced to Expert. Either for kids or adults, everyone can choose how challenging they want to play
Infinite amount of Puzzles 16,200 of FREE puzzles in total (and counting!) for you to enjoy and improve your brain. It will be a long saga to complete all the addictive smart puzzles
4 Fun Classic Game Modes Everyone can enjoy Unblock Me, no matter how you play it. Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Daily Puzzles
21 Achievements Master your Unblock Me skills and collect all the achievements.
Hint: Use the hint with any puzzles that might be too hard and cancel it anytime you want to start solving the puzzles on your own.
Daily Rewards Need more hints? No problem, get hooked with Unblock Me and earn up to 2 hints by playing Unblock Me every day
Infinite amount of Entertainment With many Million downloads already, you can't go wrong with this super addictive puzzle game. For almost a decade, Unblock Me has been recommended by word of mouth of family and friends

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Unblock Me FREE APK reviews

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Zoé Banville review Zoé Banville
I am still playing !
It's been like 3 years since I downloaded this app. It's always a fun way to pass time on the bus or in a waiting room
Chirag Patel review Chirag Patel
Unblock really blocked my mind
Superb game. Played with my child. No age bar, no time bar..very nice. Requesting to suggest more games like this
Nate Dogg review Nate Dogg
needs an allowance of hints though. like maybe a hint every 24 hours if you're out
Chuck Allison review Chuck Allison
Unblock me
Too many Ads.....very annoying, otherwise fun & challenging.
Pammyj Vincent review Pammyj Vincent
Unblock Me
A super fun and challenging sliding box puzzle type game. Relaxing with no bells and whistle fireworks going off. A solid must have, to pass some time or just to have fun...... LOVE THIS...
Kira Games -Unblock me
Challenging -Innovative spacial strategic. Game that keeps you occupied for hours on end -
Rahul Barve review Rahul Barve
Addictive puzzle game
I like these puzzles, simple rules and yet complex enough to require thinking
Patrick Howard review Patrick Howard
Gets my brain working
This game is good for my brain, and normally I don't like games like this.
Cheryl Sullivan review Cheryl Sullivan
I cannot tell them this anywhere else
The top left block in Challenge Beginner Original Puzzle #58 won't move. Please fix?
Wanda Thomas review Wanda Thomas
Brain Exercise
I love this game been playing it for years. I have gotten my husband hooked.
Gavin West review Gavin West
Clash clans
Finding it difficult to save gold . Getting attack to much and will take two-thirds maybe more
Jackie Taylor review Jackie Taylor
Started playing a version of this in the late 90's on my first computer. Loved it. Glad that I am playing again on my phone!
Liza Moreno review Liza Moreno
Fun and fustrating, like this app because you really have to think, have already recommended to friends.
Darrell King Sr. review Darrell King Sr.
Great game! I've been playing for 3 days, and I'm already at level 600 +, and that's on the relaxed version. I need to try the challenging version.
Faizan Shaikh review Faizan Shaikh
Amazing puzzle game!
Lots of thinking is needed, which is very exercising for brain....~)