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Urban Carry VR Academy
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At Urban Carry we fundamentally believe that the proper kind of training can save your life. We want to provide you with all the tools you need to have the best chance to survive.  Virtual Reality is one of those tools.  By watching these drills through VR, different neurons in your brain are activated as opposed to just watching them on a flat screen.  You're immersed in the situation, and your mind recognizes that this is something more important to understand and learn.  That way you have a higher and faster recall if you are ever in a real situation that is life threatening. 

This App works with the Urban Carry VR Headset or any Google Cardboard style Virtual Reality headset. Most of these drills are only a few minutes long. So look around, learn, and immerse yourself in the Urban Carry Virtual Reality trainer.

*Note - As with anything new, we’re starting with the basics. As we expand our training selection in the coming months be prepared to see new, more complex training scenarios in the Urban Carry Academy App.

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